Veechu Parotta:

Veechu Barotta. Layer Barotta. Layered Barotta. Street Food Barotta. Barotta & Salna. Road side Barotta.

This is a speciality dish from the 'Road Side - Lollu Shop'...well that is how I put it. You cant expect gloved hand playing the dough there...but believe me, these are the BEST at these street stalls. Though, I couldnt practice the exact 'veechu barotta' (something similar to trowing up the dough and making it too thin, just like the way they do for pizza). This one could be easy, home adopted version, so here you go...


All Purpose Flour - 1 cup
Baking Soda 1 pinch
Baking Salt 1 pinch
Dalda/Vanaspathi - melted 1 cup
Egg Whites 1-2
Warm Water for Kneading - 1/2 cup
Working Flour - 1 fistful.


Bring flour, salt, baking soda + salt togather in a bowl. Mix them well. Now make well in the flour, add slowly add warm water to it. Knead them to smooth fissure less dough. Maybe knead for 20-30 minutes by giving lots of pressure. Gently run 1/4 of melted dalda to it. Leave thsi set up for 2 hours. Cover the dough with damp cloth.

Now make equal parts out of it. Make them into fine fissure less roundels.

Knead them like you do for chappathis/tortillas. Make it too thin as possible. If the kneading goes out of shape...dont panic. Make it thin.

Now to this thinnest layer.....run few spoons of melted dalda and spread evenly, sprinkle some working flour on it. Sprinkle evenly.

Now take a sharp knife and cut them like thin strips. Maybe each thin strips should be like 1/2 an inch thickness.

Well now pile up all the stips one above the other. Get me? The working flour acts like buffer....so they don't stick too hard togather. Once piled up everything. Make a twist...make them like roundels again.(Get me like you do for layered chappathi)

Knead this roundels again with uniforn thickness. Repeat the same for all the remaining dough too.

Heat an iron skillet, run few spoons of ghee, toast the barottas till they are done.

Now place these barottas in wide plate, using both hands, slightly fluf it...while they are still warm.

Thats it. Enjoy with Egg curry or Salna.


Akal's Saappadu said...

your way of doing parottas sounds original, like adding egg whites only, the flour before pleating them and the way you assemble them... I'll this method next time I do parottas!!! they look perfect!!!