Lime Salt Soda:

Salted Lime Soda.

When we were in school and Undergrad College(back home). My brother pari used to make this lime-salt-soda drink. He says its the best thirst quencher in the summer. As salt helps to replace the lost minerals(when we sweat). Nice idea.


Fresh Lime juice from 1 fruit (raw lemon – lime)
Salt ¼ spoon
Cold Soda 2 cups
Ice cubes few
Lime 1 round slice for decoration.

Variation: One can use fresh ripe lemon in place of Lime(raw lemon).


In a tall glass tumbler, add salt and lime juice. Mix well.

Now gently add cold soda slowly to this. (it may bubble and raise….so watch out)

Then decorate the tumbler with 1 round slice of lime. Serve chilled.


Radish Green Peanuts Fry

Greens-Peanuts Poriyal:(Andhra Style)

Keerai Poriyal. Pala Koora Poriyal. Spinach greens n Peanuts fry.

Use any these greens – Raadish or Turnip or Mustard greens. These 3 greens are kind of similar.

Radish Greens Poriyal. Turnip Greens Poriyal. Mustard Greens Poriyal. Mullangi Keerai Poriyal. Knol Kohl Keerai Poriyal. Kadugu Keerai Poriyal. Rai-Sarso – Ki Saag Sabzi. Mullang Saag Ki Sabzi.

This 'Poriyal' is similar 'Palakoora Veppudu'......in Andhra cuisine. Well its my own version here, with turnip or mustard or radish greens.


Radish/turnip/mustard Greens – 2 bunches
Peanuts/ground nuts – 1 cup
Dry red chilies 15-20 numbers
Mustard seeds 1 spoon
Dry red chilies 5
Groundnut/Peanut oil few spoons.


Wash, clean and finely chop the greens along with stem.

Toast the groundnuts for few minutes and grate them using a blender.

Toast the dry red chilies(15-20) for few minutes and grate them using a blender.

In a shallow pan, heat oil. Fry mustards in it. When pop and splutter, add dry red chilies(5) and fry for few seconds.

Now stir in greens. Add salt too. Cover and cook them for 5 minutes. The greens will wilt and reduce nearly to just 1/8 of the content you added.

Add grated groundnuts and chili now. Fry them for few more minutes. Maybe when it is fragrant.

Serve hot along with any south Indian meals. Can be treated as side dish for any rice based food…..like sambar rice, rasam rice or curd rice. One can enjoy this with plain steam cooked rice too. Its simple and easy to fix within minutes.