Eggplants - Yogurts Curry

Brinjal Mor-Kuzhambu:

Italian Egg-Plant in rich Yogurts Gravy. Kathirikkai Mor-Kuzhambu. Eggplants in Yogurts Curry.

Whenever I intend to make sour curd (yogurts) curry...I recall this lovely Poem from Aganaanuru(An Anthology of Love & Family life). An ancient Tamil Literature, is dated to around the first and the second century C.E. The poems probably are of a much earlier date. It describes about the feelings of a poor house wife!! As she was out of money and her husband's birthday approaching...she doesn't have anything to offer...She stores the excess curd each day, for about a week. So that, they get 'sour' and she could prepare a nice 'curry'. On the day of his birthday...with her tender fingers(which has red ruby stones ring)she would be slowly scaling the fish(for the side dish). As she prepares the 'curd curry'...she realizes that she is out of enough salt! Now she feels really terrible for her condition!! And as she weeps...one or two drops of tear, falls right into the 'curry' and it becomes perfect!!! This is such a romantic poem, shows the poor common man's life(during 1 or 2nd Century)

Now perfectionalist don't ask me...why she didn't think about a career or pawn her 'red ruby ring to me!! This is just a poem...feel the essence, please.

I don't know if anyone attempted to make mor-kuzhambu out of brinjal. I believe its my own recipe. If someone as cooked...yeah it may be parallel thinking! I love fried brinjal in plain yogurts(kathirikkai thayir pachadi)so...thought of making it bit more spicier.....'brinjal mor-kuzhambu' was born that way!(actually republishing one of my oldest work)!!!


Italian Egg-plants 1-2 slitted twice
Yogurts 4 cups
Turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
Asafoetida 1/4 spoon
Oil few spoons.

Wet Grind these to a Thick Paste:

Pepper 1-2 spoons
Green chilies 5
Thoor dal 1 cup
Tomato 1
Ginger 3-4 inch size. peeled.
Garlic 4 -5 cloves

For Tempering:

Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Cumin seeds 1/4 spoon
Urad dal 1/4 spoon
Asafoetida 1/4 spoon
Dry red chilies 3
Curry leaves few
Oil few spoons
Oil for shallow frying.


Heat oil, in a wok. Saute brinjal for a while...until oil coats to all sides.

Now add wet ground paste to it. Fry them till they loose their raw smell.

Further add asafoetida, salt, turmeric and yogurts. Mix them well. Let them come to 1-2 boil.

In a separate pan, heat oil. Add mustard, cumin, asafoetida, red chilies, pepper and curry leaves. Fry for a while...till they pop and splutter. Now run this seasoning over the gravy made above.

Serve warm along with plain steam cooked rice.


Vicky Xavier. said...

This 'agananuru ' poem is very romantic and touching dear. That man is really lucky to have this passionate wife.
Your kathirikai more kulambu is a good idea. I have tasted it in my childhood... my mom made it with chopped brinjal , as we forgot to buy the proper vegetable. But that fried brinjal was so delicious. Bookmarking it , lovely idea.

Ushanandini said...

The poem is lovely and romantic! Plus, fried brinjal in mor-kozhambu tempts me! :p

Asha said...

Beautiful dish. A must try for me, will try this and post next week. Thanks Malar, looks delicious! :)

Aw..!! Such a great wife!! Wish I was her husband to have such a devoted wife! :D

Madhumathi said...

First i must appreciate you for taking such a lovely tamil poem and b'fully quoting it for your today's recipe.Wonderful,Malar..I have read 'Agananuru' during my school days as a part of 'tamizh seyul'.
Brinjal mo-kozhambu is looking GREAT..Never made brinjal mor-kozhambu..Should try this someday ..Thanks for sharing,dear

Varsha Vipins said...

Touching poem malar..loved the way you delicately explained it..:)
I abs love anything with curd,of thick yellowish hue..So am drooling here..But have neva tried with eggplant..Will do that soon..:)

Priya Sriram said...

Hi Malar,
Thanks for dropping by my blog! You have a wonderful place here!
And adding Brinjal to mor kulambu makes it special. Great one! :)


Deepa Hari said...

Nice poem Malar...very touching...Mor kozhumbu looks lovely...nice thought to add brinjal...Will bookmark it.

Vibaas said...

Malar, it looks so yummy. apdiye eduthu saapadanum pola irukku. never tried eggplants in morkozhambu before. nice recipe.

poem is really nice and romantic, but before reading your comment, i thought why didn't she sell the ring? hehe..mean me! ;-)

Ashwini said...

wow nice recipe Malar..nice twist by adding brinjal..So touching and how romantic poem..

Sanghi said...

Poem is lovely malar.. Mor kuzhambu makes me hungry. I planned to make it with masala vada today, surprised to see u posted mor kuzhambu..!:)

Chandani said...

lovely curry malar, the combination looks quite tempting!!

AnuSriram said...

Malar.. You made 5 postings in 3 days!! Hope you a gr8 weekend. Everything looks lovely! I missed them as i dont blog during weekends. Yesterday was a holiday too becoz of the weather.

Lavanya said...

Hi malar..first time here..you have a wonderful collection here..Brinjal with yogurt combination really awesome and colorful!!