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Brinjal or Eggplant Special Round-up

Vellore Mullu Kathirikai Serwa

Thai Eggplants Masale Curry

Kathirikai Puli Kuzhambu

Hot Italian Eggplants Varuval

Brinjal Mor Kuzhambu

Eggplant Chutney

Stuffed Eggplants

Bagara Baingan

Baingan ka Bartha

Eggplant Thayir Pachadi

Vaangi Bath

Eggplant Special Round-up

Eggplants are native to India. Proably the wild breed, was white in color, unpalatable, bitter, with full of thorns and round in shape. Constant breeding and domestication of vegetables...gave rise to pure line of violet, purple, green varieties. Bigger versions are all hybrid from careful selection.

Unlike animals, vegetable domestication demands lots of labor and thorough research. Identifying male and female plants, crossing the pure cell lines, avoiding ploidy, saving the beneficial mutants, gosh wonder how early man managed all these, without bit of science background!!!

The English word for this vegetable is Egg-plants...probably came through European was probably in egg sized shape, during 17th Centuary. In Indian English(only in Indian English) they also call it as 'Brinjal'...probably a false cognate from the Hindi word 'Baingan'.

Vellore, North Arcot belt is my home town! There one could find a particular species of eggplants, called 'Vellore Mullu Kathirikai'. Literally means 'thorned Eggplants'. Yes, it is, the umberlla of this medium sized violet eggplants bear minute thorns...still hanging up with its original species. This particular eggplants are tasty, they stay in the curry without disintregrating for long time, the seeds are so minute and totally unnoticable when cooked.

Well, these eggplants/brinjal round-up recipes are going to Sanghi's Event of the Month. I am excited to send my work to her. Blogging really connects us all, thanks.


Poondu Chutney / Poondu Thuvaiyal

Poondu Thuvaiyal:

Garlic 1 head
Red chilies 7
Onion 1 bulb
Temepering spices


In a wide wok, heat oil and fry garlic and chilies together till fragrant.

Then wet-grind the same.

In a separate pan, heat oil and add the tempering spices and run this seasoning over the chutney made.

Quail in Country Style Curry

Quail Curry:

Kaadai Thanni Kuzhambu. Quail / Pheasant bird Curry.


Quail - 2 (cut into small pieces)
Green chilies 3 sliced
Onion 1 grated
Ginger 2" julienned
Garlic 6 cloves julienned
Tomatoes 2 crushed
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Pepper powder 1 spoon
Sesame oil few spoon
Cumin seeds
Curry leaves
Cilantro to garnish.


In a wide vessel, heat oil. Add cumin,chilies and curry leaves, wait till they splutter.

Now add ginger, garlic, crushed onions and salt...let the raw odour leave the pan and onions turns to golden color.

Now add tomatoes plus meat pieces. Saute for few minutes...until meat turns opaque.

Followed by turmeric, chili and ppper powders. Fry over high for few minutes and then add 4 cups of water, cover and cook for 10-12 minutes or till the meat becomes tender and nice.

Garnish with cilantro leaves, serve warm to go with your plain steamed rice.


Lemon Mint Cauliflower

Lemon Mint Cauliflower:

Lemony Cauliflowers. Tangy Cauliflower Poriyal. Neembu flavoured Gobi. Gobi Masala. Gobi Subzi.

Cauliflowers and Potatoes are considered Vegetarian's chicken, at several places! So, it became compulsary for me to fix these veggies for my vegetarian companian and friends! Otherwise, why would I, in the hell care to fix these vegetables, right! According to me...making vegetables palatable is one of the tuffest I go through every level of spicing it up!! When I got tired of the usuals 'cauliflowe korma' and 'paratha'...jumped into easy fix concept of 'poriyal/subzi'!!


Cauliflower 1 whole head
Lemon 1 fruit
Mint leaves fistful - finely chopped
Ginger 2"grated
Turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Butter few cubes.

Powder These:

Fennel seeds 1/2 spoon
Coriander seeds 1 spoon
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Cloves 3
Cinnamon 1 stick.


In a wide wok, mealt butter/ heat oil.

Add the spice blend, followed by ginger and cauliflowers. Add salt, cover and cook till tender.

Once the flower is kind of semi-done, add turmeric and chili powders. Mix through.

Finally add lemon juice and mint leaves...stir-fry over high for quick 2 minutes and set aside.

Enjoy with your meals.

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls:

Sudden fix with left over stuff! Towards the end of the week, I tend to clean up all the left over stuff and make use of long lying eggs, vegetables and dough! Evening snack, ready in minutes!


Rolling Sheets:

All purpose - dough
Egg white 1 - for egg wash
Oil for basting
Dry Flour for dusting.

For the Stuffing's:

Eggs 4
Carrots, beans, cabbage - thinly sliced
Green chilies 1 sliced
Green onions 2 sliced
Soy sauce
MSG 1 pinch
Oil few spoons
Oil for pan frying.


In a wide griddle, heat oil. Scramble eggs with pinch of salt. Then set aside.

In the same oil, saute vegetables with pinch of salt, MSG and soy sauce. Set aside as well.

Make equal parts out of dough. Roll them into thin spread, bast with oil and sprinkle with dry flour. Repeat the same for 4 times minimum...until you get the neat stiff egg roll sheets!

Now bast the inner side of the sheet with egg whites(egg wash). Place a spoonful of stuffing now(scrambled eggs + vegetables, green onions). Fold them to your desired shapes. Repeat the same for the remaining stuff!

Fry these in hot oil, till crisp! Serve warm along with tomato ketchup!


Cashewnuts Burfi

Jeedipappu Pakam:

Kaaju Chikki. Munthiri paruppu Burfi. Jeedipappu Chikki.

Hyderabad, legendary sweet shop 'G.Pulla Reddy's special Jeedi pappu Pakam'!!! No one would have missed it at Hyderabad!! My friend Kranthi introduced me to this sweet! Myself and my friend Balaji used to stop at this shop...before leaving home(Tamil Nadu)! I never failed to carry this awesome sweet. One important thing about 'Pulla Reddy is, he started his life from zero, started as a street vendor. Few wise words about his product: they were pure, perfect and he never lied about his product. Never-lying about a product...thats pretty much missing in these days, business, right!


Cashewnuts 2 cups
Jaggerry 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Cardamom seeds powder 1/4 spoon
Ghee 1/4 cup.


In a wide wok, heat jaggery plus sugar with about 1/4 cup of water. Bring them to syrup like consistency.

Add cardamom seeds powder. Now stir-in cashewnuts, once the syrup reduces and nuts get crispier, remove from heat.

In a wide tray/plate, smear ghee. Add the cashew nuts content in it! Place them in the fridge for few hours.


Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan:

Nothing much to say, when I was in India...relished this a big time, at the restaurants! Miss the fun here, but why to give up on 'naan' though! Hmmm, fixed it at home...pretty much home adopted version, absolutely no grilling! Just baked and broiled howz that sounds to you?!!


All purpose flour 2 cups
Warm water 1 cup
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Salt as per taste
Baking soda 1 pinch
Active Yeast 1-2 teaspoons
Ghee to knead
Garlic minced 2 teaspoons to garnish!


In a large bowl, bring warm water, add sugar and salt to it. Dissolve completely.

Now add the yeast to it. And allow this to stand for 10-20 minutes.

Once this is frothy, add flour and baking soda, knead through. Finally finish with ghee. Set aside for atleast 7 hours, over the counter is fine. Remember...they rise to 3 let the bowl have enough room, already!

Now, divide them into equal parts...each about a ping pong ball size! Make a water-drop shaped thick naan now.

Greese your baking sheet, place the naan bread. Bake them for atleast 12 minutes over 350 degrees.

Then, sprinkle some garlic on the top and broil them for quick 1 minute, placing them in the middle rack.


Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken:


Chicken 1 whole - cut into 4 (2 breasts and 2 thighs)

Spices to be Toasted & Powdered:

Coriander seeds
Tymol seeds

Other Ingredients:

Black Salt
Regular Salt
Chili powder 1 spoon
Kashminri chili powder 1 spoon
Red food color 1 spoon
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Lemon juice
Ginger-garlic paste
Onion paste 2 spoons
Mint paste 1/4 spoon
Few cubes of butter/ghee for basting
Chaat masala to garnish.


Skin the chicken, make a neat incision probably thrice on top of the breasts and things. On things, underside...make atleast 2 cuts.

Well, now mariante this with plain salt, lemon juice and chili powder for about 2 hours.

Then followed by all the above mentioned items, except ghee.

Maybe overnight marination will do!

Now, smear them with ghee and grill them till soft and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside.

If you prefer to do it in the oven, bake them for 30 minutes of 350 degrees and and broil them for roughly 7-10 minutes, often changing its postion!



Chicken Special Round Up

Chicken Special Roundup:

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken...its all Chicken Today, Enjoy!!!

Grilled Chicken Biriyani

Grilled Whole Chicken

Chicken Bonda

Ginger Chicken

Arcot Chicken Biriyani

Saffron Chicken Pilaf

Jerk Chicken

Cornish Hen Curry

Cornish Hen Manchurian

Country Chicken Tomato Curry

Chicken Pickle

Country Chicken Soup

Country Chicken Fry

Tomato Chicken Thokku

Nilgiri Chicken Korma

Country Chicken Kuzhambu

Pepper Chicken Kuzhambu

Chicken 65

Kozhi Rasam

Nei Kozhi

Hot Cornish Hen

Achaar Chicken Curry

This Chicken Special Round up goes to my buddy's 'The Chicken Potluck Event' !! My friend, Vicky is hosting this lovely event! Can you imagine it, a true chicken lover like me and others...are all excited!! Well this post is just a re-published work of few of my old work!! But stay tuned for an exciting new recipe!! Coming up, next!!!