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Badam Puri - Sinful Indulgence

Badam Puri:


Almonds 10-15
Saffron few strands
Milk 1/4 cup
All purpose flour 1 cup
Ghee for shallow frying
Sugar syrup thick 1 cup
Sliced nuts to garnish.


Soak almonds ahead in warm water. Peel their skin off and wet-grind the nuts to thick paste.

In a wide bowl, bring the flour, crushed saffron and almond paste...if needed, add warm milk little by little and make a smooth dough. Add a spoonful of ghee finally.

Well, divide them into equal parts, roll them down like pooris, and fold them into tiny triangles. Set aside.

Heat oil in a pan. Fry these triangle puris in them, once they are done with golden color...remove from oil and dip the same in sugar syrup. Repeat the same for the remaining dough.

Once the puris are well drenched in sugar syrup..remove and garnish them with sliced nuts.

Chill and serve as a dessert.


Avaraikai Kurma / Broad Beans Korma

Avaraikai Kurma:


Broad beans 1 cup, chopped
Potato - just 1 cubed
Green chili 2 minced
Onion 1 large grated
Ginger-garlic paste 1/2 spoon
Tomato 1 small
Coconut grated 1/4 cup - wet grind to smooth paste
Poppy seeds 1/2 spoon - powder
Turmeric 1/2 spoon
Cloves 3
Cinnamon 1 stick
Fennel seeds 1 spoon
Bay leaves 2
Oil 1 spoon
Cilantro leaves to garnish.


Heat oil, in a pan. Add the whole spices. Then followed by chilies,onion and ginger-garlic paste. Fry real good till the raw odor leaves the pan.

Now add tomatoes and vegetables. Add two cups of water. Followed by powdered spices.

Once the veggie is tender, add coconut paste and poppy seeds powder. Bring this to single boil and remove from heat.

Garnish with cilantro leaves.


Rabdi / Thirattu Paal Payasam - A Dive into Delicious Dairy Desserts:)

Rabri:(Bengali Sweet)

Paneer Payasam? Thirattu Paal - Payasam


Milk, Milk and more much as you wanted,
Sugar as per your taste
Nuts to garnish
Cardamom to flavour.


Split a litre of milk, using lemon juice, or citric acid or salt. Boil continuously and remove the whey. BTW, whey is full of milk protein too, try to store them and keep adding it to your batter, dough etc.

Well, coming to the recipe...Now reduce another 4 cups of milk into just 2 slow boiling, yeah you got it! Add sugar and cardamom to it.

Further add the chenna prepared in the step 1 to this reduced milk. Chill the same.

Garnish with nuts, enjoy as a dessert:)


Kale Poriyal - Put-on Your Health Caps:)

Kale Poriyal:(Reposting)

I always relate this Kale with that of my Native Murungai Keerai(Drumstick Leaves). Most of the alkaloids present in these greens are very similar. All these days, I was careless to share my daily recipes because...I generally treat them in a same fashion, either Subzi or Dhall! However my friend asked me to share some of my regular recipes as well:)


Kale 2 bunches
Dry red chili 2 crushed
Chana dal 1 spoon
Urad dal 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Coconut oil 1/2 spoons
Grated coconut 2 spoons.


Wash and chop the greens.

In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the mustard, chili and dals. Once they splutter.

Add greens and salt them. Use little less salt than you usually greens wilt a lot and reduce from its original content.

Once the greens are done, garnish with grated coconut and remove from heat.


Chili Paneer / Paneer Manchurian - Crazy for Cottage Cheese:)

Chili Paneer:(Restaurant Style)


Paneer/Cottage Cheese 1 pack (Home made if you could)-cubed
MSG 1/4 Spoon
Chili powder 1/4 spoon
Soy sauce thick 2 spoons
Chinese 5 spice powder/garam masala 1/4 spoon
Food color- red (optional)
All purpose flour 1-2 teaspoons
Oil for shallow frying.

For Garnishing:

Sesame oil few spoons
Capsicum/bell peppers 1 large diced
Green chili 1 finely chopped
Ginger 1" chopped
Garlic 4 chopped
Shallots 1 finely chopped(optional)
Soy sauce
Tomato sauce
Green onions chopped 1 cup to garnish.


Marinate panir cubes, using salt, MSG, soy sauce, ginger-garlic paste, 5-spice powder, chili powder and flour. Set aside.

Heat oil in a wide wok. Fry these till reddish brown.

In a wide skillet, add few spoons of oil. Add chopped garnishing items and followed by fried paneer...add soy + tomato sauce. Fry real good for few minutes and remove from heat.

Enjoy with fried rice or noodles.

Egg Paniyaram - New Kind of Dinner:)

Mutta Paniyaram:(Country Style)

Muttai Paniyaram. Gudilu Paniyaram. Anda Bonda?!!

Again no fancy dish today, this could be whipped without big some idly- dosa batter? You think it going bit sour, you feel little bored with regular cooking. Here you go...spice up the batter in your own home-adapted style, add one or two eggs to it. Thats it, all set for new kind of dinner.


Rice batter 2 cups
Eggs 2
Green chilies 1 chopped
Ginger 1" grated
Onion 1 small chopped
Cilantro leaves few
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Curry leaves few
Asafoetida 1 pinch
Chana dal 1 spoon
Urad dal 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1/2 spoon
Cumin seeds 1/2 spoon
Sesame oil few spoons.


Set the eggs and batter aside.

In a small pan, heat oil and throw in all the spices one by one and fry real good. Now mix this to the batter. Further add eggs and mix thoroughly.

Smear the tawa/ paniyaram griddle with oil. Fill them up with this batter. Cook both the sides to perfection. There you it.

Serve them with fresh mint or coconut chutney. Dinner ready:)


Stuffed Jamun - I am Going Weak for Sweets:)

Stuffed Dry Jamuns:
Nothing much to talk about the preparation. Just prepared everything in a routine Jamun method. Except that I stuffed some of my favorite nuts inside. Discard the strong syrup, after done with enough imbibing, serve chilled as dry jamuns.:)

Jal Jeera Paani - Refreshing Summer Drink

Why I like this Jaljira Paani? It has no heart breaking' calories from Sugar, yes... its salted.:) Already many are aware of health benefits of Mint, Cilantro and Ginger, so why to lecture again...let me simply conclude like this, its very refreshing for this humid-sunny weather.


Mint 1 fistful
Cilantro leaves 1 fistful
Ginger 1" grated
Lemon juice few spoons
Kala namak(black salt) to taste
Cumin seeds 1 spoon
Fresh Imli/Tamarind 1 teaspoon
Green chili 1 / I used jalapeno's about 1/4.


Soak tamarind and cumin.

Now, wet-grind all the above mentioned ingredients along with this soaked stuff.

Filter the same. Refrigerate them for couple of hours.

Serve chilled.


Murg Mussalam - Whole Cornish Hen in Spicy Gravy

Murg Mussalam:


For Marination:

Whole Chicken(I used Rock Cornish Hen)
Onion bulb onion grated
Green chili 1 minced
Ginger-garlic paste 1/2 spoon
Turmeric powder 1/4 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Pepper powder 1/2 spoon
Coriander powder 1/2 spoon
Cumin powder 1/2 spoon
Garam masala powder 1/2 spoon.

Onion grated
Tomato 2 pureed
Cardamon 6
Bay leaves 2
Almonds 15 - paste
Ghee for frying
Cilantro leaves few.


In a shallow pan, heat ghee and throw in the whole spices. Add onions and tomatoes, fry real good, once it is aromatic, add the marinated chicken. Cover and cook.

Further add almond paste, continue cooking. Once oil shows up on the top, add the chopped cilantro leaves, remove from heat.

Serve warm to go with your chappathis or rotis.


Yucca Halwa / Maravalli Kizhangu Halwa - Country Style

Maravalli Kizhangu Halwa:(Country Style)

Manihot esculenta is the Botanical name of this plant. Where they have modified tap in starch. Its eaten in many parts of the world today, but traces its origin to South America. In India, it is often associated with famine food'. During depression, people mainly sustained with just few tapioca plants planted at their backyard...the starchy tubers satisfied their hunger. This is one of the recipe Papa narrated to me, saying how his sister...whiped this simple starchy tuber into delicacy.


Yucca tuber 1
Jaggery/Granulated brown sugar - as much as you want
Cardamom 3-6 pods crushed
Grated coconut few spoons
Pumpkin seeds to garnish
Ghee 1-2 spoons.


Grated the tubers, yeah bit hard...but you will get it.:)

In a wide wok, heat ghee add the cardamom, followed by sugar and 1 cup of water. Heat till it comes to one string consistency.

Now, add the grated tuber. Cover and cook over low heat, once halwa is formed...add coconut and pumpkin seeds too.

Enjoy as a dessert. Very filling though'.:)


Methi Miriyalu Annam - Therapeutic Meal

Menthulu Miriyalu Annam:

Fenugreek Greens Pepper Rice. Methi Saag aur Kali Mirch ka Chaawal. Vendhaya Keerai-Milagu Saadham.


Rice - cooked 2 cups
Greens 2-3 cups
Onions 2 sliced
Peppercorns 1 fistful
Cumin seeds 1 table spoon
Thuval dal 1 table spoon
Coriander seeds 2 spoons
Fenugreek seeds 1 spoon
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon
Salt to taste


Dry toast the above mentioned spices and powder the same. Set aside.

In a wide wok, heat ghee. Add the onions and fry real good.

Add greens, salt and the powdered spices. Fry over high heat. Once it is aromatic and greens are done, remove from heat.

Now mix this to rice. Enjoy while it is steaming hot. Very therapeutic, heals up the minor internal wounds.

Badami Beet Root Korma

Beet Root Almond Kurma:


Beets 3 medium
Onion 1 large grated
Ginger-garlic paste 1/2 spoon
Tomatoes large 2
Almonds/cashew nuts 5-7 paste
Poppy seeds 1/2 spoon
Turmeric 1/2 spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Coconut milk 1 cup
Cloves 3
Cinnamon 1 stick
Fennel seeds 1 spoon
Bay leaves 2
Ghee 1 spoon
Cilantro leaves to garnish.


In a vessel, heat ghee. Add the whole spices. Then followed by onion and ginger-garlic paste. Fry real good till the raw odor leaves the pan.

Now add toamtoes and beets. Add two cups of water. Followed by powdered spices.

Once the veggie is tender, add coconut milk, almond paste and poppy seeds.

Garnish with cilantro leaves.


Jil Jil Jigarthanda - Madurai Special

Jigarthanda:(Regional Delicacy)

Madurai Special Jigarthanda: Jigar - means Heart, Thanda - means cold. This regional special drink is considered soothing to heart. Many ingredients present in it are natural body coolants. In a tropical climate like India, it becomes as a perfect summer drink.

And coming to the recipe, no body knows completely till it remains as a trade secret! One could see Jigarthanda being sold all round the city (at Madurai) during peak summer. Though it is very popular among the push-cart sellers, now a days even hotels and restaruants provide this kind of refreshments. I got introduced to this drink through several Tamil movies, where the story revolves around the city and the characters simply rave about this drink! Ever since, I wanted to fix this at home for myself. I had been to Madurai only twice, during my school days(education tour)!! All I thought is..its much like Falooda, with some variation.

However, when I said to my Dad that I wanted to recreate it at home...he generously offered me many tips and pointers. Since, he has been to Madurai several times and enjoyed this drink, he tweaked my recipe a lot. Well, edible Sea algae(China Grass), Indian Sarsaparilla Syrup and Takhmaria Seeds(resembles like basil seeds) happens to be main ingredients. Besides, they also use pretty much a wide range of secret syrups and concoctions, which makes it highly delightful. Anyhow...I had hard time finding those ingredients here. Somehow managed to bring a decent drink today. Here you go...

For more Delighful Beverages using more or less same ingredients, take a look here:

Nannari Sorbeth
Rose Milk


Edible sea algae/Agar Agar(china grass) 1 fistful
Rose syrup - 1 table spoon
Sarsaparilla syrup(Nannari syrup)) - 1 table spoon
Basil seeds (Takmaria/Sabja)
Sugar syrup(I didn't use any, as rose syrup had enough of sugar in it)
Milk 4 cups - reduced into half of its original content
Fresh cream 4-6 spoons
Vanilla ice cream 2 scoops.


Soak china grass, in warm sugar syrup. I used rose syrup to soak the algae, today. Once it consolidates into jelly, slice them down, set aside.

Soak the takhamaria seeds in water or milk. Once it bulges beautifully, set aside.

Now mix all the above mentioned ingredients together and leave this set-up in the refrigerator.

Chill and serve as a refreshment.