Roasted Potatoes/ Pepper Potatoes / Alu Pepper Roast

Pepper Potatoes:


Turmeric 1 pinch
Mustard seeds 1/4 spoon
Cilantro leaves few
Olive oil few spoons.


Boil potatoes with skin-on. Cube them and set aside.

In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the tempering spices and potatoes, wait till oil coats on all sides.

Sprinkle salt, turmeric and pepper powder...roast them over low-medium heat for a long time, maybe till the potatoes are done crisp and brown.

Ande Kebab / Mutta Kebab / Egg Kebab

Ande Kebab:


Eggs - boiled
Chana dal - well soaked 1 cup
Pearl onions finely chopped
Curry leaves
Green chilies 3 finely chopped
Fennel seeds 1 spoon
Oil fore pan frying.


Wet-grind the lentil to smooth paste.

Heat oil in a wok, add all the ingredients(except eggs and lentils), keep frying.

Now-stir-in the griound lentils to it, continue frying. Once its kind of done...use this as a dough to cover the eggs.

I feel, its already kind of complete and served the same, but one could deep these' till reddish brown and crispy:)

Green Beans Casserole - Southern Style

Green Beans Casserole:


Beans 1 bunch
Milk 1 cup
Fried onions
Mushrooms sliced
Mushroom soup 1 cup.


Wash and clean the beans, do not trim their ends.

Now bake them briefly with pinch of salt and a cup of milk.

Add mushroom cream soup to the same and top[ them with sliced mushrooms, sprinkle the fried onions too. Now bake them for atleast 20 minutes over 350 F. Once the moisture is all dried up and beans comes out out well-cooked, its done.


Curried Macaroni / Spicy Macaroni

Curried Macaroni:

Cook mac' as per the box directions, and get creative. I just added, some mint leaves, garlic powders and lots of crushed tomatoes. Garnished with parmesean cheese, dinner ready:)

Palak Cutlet / Spinach Cutlet / Pala Keerai Cutlet

Spinach Cutlet:

Spinach 1 cup
Potatoes cooked
Ginger-garlic paste 1 teaspoon
Onion 1 chopped
Chilies 2 minced
Bread crumbs
Olive oil.


Cook spinach briefly. Mash the potatoes, mix all the ingredients together and shape them in desired way.

Pan fry the cutlets in hot oil.

Murg Noorjehani / Chicken and Eggs in Rich Yogurts Sauce - Mughalai Special


Chicken thighs - skinless 2
Eggs boiled 2-4
Turmeric pinch
Ginger-garlic paste 1 spoon
Onion 1 grated
Tomatoe 1 crushed
Green chilies 3 grated
Yogurts 1 cup
Almon paste 2-4 spoons
Bay leaves 2
Cardamom 3 crushed
Sliced almonds and raisins to garnish.


In a wide wok, heat oil and add the bay leaves plus cardamoms.

Now add chiles, ginger-garlic, onion and tomato pastes. Fry real good, till the raw odor leaves the pan.

Now add salt, turmeric and chicken. Cover and cook briefly.

Followed by yogurts and almonds paste, cook over low-medium heat.

Once the meat is tender, add the eggs and fried raisin snad nuts, remove from heat.

Serve to go with your nan or roti.


Avocado Smoothie - Simply Refreshing

Avocado Smoothie


Avocado 1
Sugar to taste
Whole milk 2-4 cups
Mint leaves few


Blend all the ingredients together and chill the same.

Serve chilled.


Pootharekulu / Sugar Coated Wafers - Traditional Andhra Sweet

Pootharekulu:(Andhra Special)

When I was studying at Hyderabad, I got introduced to this sweet' by my best friend, Kranthi. Well, when she presented this sweet', all I thought was...it looks like tissue paper and was so skeptical to take a bite!!! Anyhow, once she explained...how it was prepared' I was all thrilled:) But somehow, I totally forgot to memorize the sweet's name!

So, like before my vacation to my hometown...each time,I buy sweets for my parents. Myself, and bunch of other Tamil friends Balaji and Dharani went to this famous Pullareddy stall at Abids, Hyderabad. Oh man, I am such a dork...I was thinking and thinking, the harder and harder, but couldn't recollect the sweet's name. Browsed around the shop like maniac!Was gazing at the displayed sweets' hours together, till my foot hurt...all in vain!!! Gave such a hard time to the salesmen there'...was giving away clues to find the one'...hehe. Anyhow, was so disappointed...finally decided to buy something else and finished shopping:(

Then that stupid Balaji felt like having some sweets right away and brought us some. As soon as I ate, when I used the kleenex, felt like a scientist (Bulb)...I just folded the paper napkin and went to the counter again 'displayed the folded napkins' and asked him, whether he could find me a sweet something similar to this'. They gave me a mischievous smile and packed this yummy delicacies:) I just couldn't forget that hilarious series of events:)I know, I know...I was like a clown, hehe:)

Pootharekulu is a traditional Andhra sweet. It could be literally translated as 'Sugar Coated foils'. In Telugu, Pootha means coated on and Reku means foils. The authentic version calls for extra fine foils, made out of rice starch or black gram. An experienced cook could bring forth 100-1000 micrometers of wafer/foil size, and the thinness of the foil demands good expertise. However, I did practice a lot, but each time, the wafer went wrong while folding. So, did a short cut method today (used ready made rice starch wafers)...and its just for the record. But, will share with you all the authentic version real soon:)

I am not yet convinced with my work, will share with you all...once I mastered it:)


Award & MeMe

Chaitrali Pathak, Chetana, Roshu and Veena have shared this wonderful award with me, thank you so much buddies.

To accept the award thank the person who awarded it to you, share 7 things about yourself and list 15 friends you like to pass this lovely award.

7 Things About Me:

1. I am an avid book reader, and I hate TV. I am the only one' among my friends circle who doesn't own a decent TV! No flat screen??? is the first question I face from everyone. I am a digital Neanderthal.

2. I am cleanliness freak, I spend most of free time toiling around the house buffing the counter and windows.

3. I wind up driving long distances...on boring Saturdays and Sundays. No goal, just drive to any place, like a wandering mind - non stop:)

4. I am neophobic. Its very hard for me to convince any new food, especially at restaurants. I stick to the same old well-known dish most of the time. I don't venture out, simply...things rarely appease me.

5. I am bad gardener, Daddy created a beautiful flower bed around the house...when he visited here, some 3 months ago. Keep this as a secret, I rarely water them, oops:(

6. I hold a big stigma to start a conversation with strangers. On the whole, I don't open up quite easily, I need someone to break the ice. People often misjudge me as an introvert. Maybe they are right, Sometimes...it takes years for me to warm up, I know I am such a jerk.

7. I chicken out to confess my mistakes to my parents, and am also a terrible liar...my eyes speaks before' I intend to say anything goofy.

Choosing only 15 Friends to share the award is bit tough for me, so please feel free to grab the award with you, when you read this post.

Semolina Pudding / Sooji Kheer / Rawa Payasam

Semolina Kheer:

Ramzan Payasam. Ramzan Kanji. Sweet Porridge-Ramzan special. Thari Kanji.

Sometimes, its very easy for me to be a terrible cook...no, its not a joke. I make blunders, okay some huge blunders, simply irrevocable mistakes while fixing even good old simple recipes. The each time, I tried to whip this sooji kheer, I was managing to bring some kind of gooey halwa. But nothing seemed to bother me, despite the result...was trying n trying in vain with various proportions. Whom am I kidding, stirred and stirred until the plain rawa begged me to let it go!!! Oh boy, finally on the other day, AK said...I need to give it one more shot, by frying the semolina in ghee before heading out to prepare anything. Hmmm, makes a perfect sense, why haven't I thought about it! Anyhow,..I also drastically reduced the semolina content this time. Ooops, I can't believe myself...I finally arrived at perfect kheer. Oh my, this is the one' I was aiming for, the whole time:) It was so delicious and am happy to share the recipe with you all, trust me...its easy:)


Semolina 4 teas spoons
Whole milk 4 mugs
Cardamom 3 crushed
Saffron few strands
Sugar to taste
Almonds, thinly sliced
Ghee 2 teaspoons.


Fry the semolina in ghee and set aside.

Heat milk along with sugar and reduce them into half of its original volume. Add cardamom and saffron too.

Fry the almonds and set aside as well.

Now cook semolina, with 1/4 cup of warm water for few minutes and add the same to the thickened milk, top them with nuts...bring this to boil and remove from heat.

Serve either warm or chilled.


Feiry Hot Vindaloo with Omnivore and Vegetarian Options - Goan Style

Chicken Vindaloo:

The term 'Vindaloo' derives from the Portuguese dish 'Carne de Vinha d' Alhos', a meat dish, usually pork shoulders, with lots of fat-on, simmered with red wine vinegar and garlic. In Portuguese Vin d' Alho can be split into 'Vin, Wine' (from Latin word Vinum) , de (from Latin word de) and Alho, means 'Garlic' (from Latin word alium). The expression “vinha d’alhos”. The meaning of this expression is marinade in wine and garlic.The original Portuguese recipe was not a curry dish, but dry saucy dish. It used preserved pork, which is said as, tastes better when it ages. As Portuguese used to pickle their meat and used it on their long voyages, when they traveled by ship.

Vindaloo is a trademark dish to Goa now, which was a colony of Portuguese until 1962. The Goan cuisine is an interesting amalgamation of varied influences. Since wine was not widely used in Indian cooking, they replaced it with peppercorns and spices. And vinegar was their immediate substitute. Since, pork and beef is not widely eaten in India, they also replaced it with chicken and seafood. The addition of potatoes to the dish, comes as an add-on due to a linguistic false cognate. In Indian language (Hindi) 'Aloo' means 'Potato'. Incidentally it was the Portuguese who first brought potatoes to India. The addition of Kashmir chili peppers gives a unique hue to the dish (modern vindaloo).

Meat Lovers:

Proceed with the recipe, replace the chicken with Pork or Beef, happy cooking:)

Vegetarian's Listen Up:

Continue with the same recipe, just skip the chicken part, enjoy:)


Chicken thigh pieces 2
Potatoes 2-3 cubed
Dry red chilies 3
Cumin seeds 2 spoons
Peppercorns 1 spoon
Cardamom pods 3
Cinnamon stick 1
Fenugreek seeds 1 spoon
Mustard seeds 1 spoon
Red wine vinegar/Apple cider vinegar 3-5 table spoons
Rock salt
Turmeric powder ¼ spoon
Chili powder 1 spoon
Kashmir chili powder 1/2 spoon
Cilantro seeds powder 1 spoon
Brown sugar 1-2 spoons
Onion 1 sliced
Ginger 2' grated
Garlic 1 whole head – peeled & minced
Brown cardamon 2
Bay leaves 2
Oil ¼ cup + ¼ cup
Steam cooked rice to serve.


Toast the spices for a brief period. Red chilies, cumin, peppercorns, cardamom, cinnamon, fenugreek and mustard seeds. Then powder them in a blender/spice mill. (Vindaloo powder)

Now bring the spice blend in a large bowl, add salt, brown sugar and vinegar to it. Marinate chicken pieces in it.

In a wide wok, heat oil. Add bay leaves, brown cardamon and onions fry real good, until they turn brown and crisp.

Followed by ginger and garlic, fry till the raw odor leaves the pan. Now wet-grind this mixture and set aside. (Vindaloo paste)

In a wide pan, heat the remaining oil. Add the marinated meat and stir-fry for 2-4 minutes or maybe till the meat turns brown.

Now add turmeric, chili and cilantro seeds powders to it. Further add the wet-ground paste to it. Cover and cook over medium heat.

Slow cook till the meat is all tender. Let the gravy thicken and oil show up on top, remove from heat and serve to go with your plain steamed rice or rotis.