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Asparagus Korma - Asparagus in Rich Coconut Sauce

Asparagus Kurma:


Asparagus 1 bunch - chopped
Potatoes 1 - boiled n cubed(optional)
Green chilies 2 - minced/sliced
Onion 1 grated
Ginger-garlic pate 1 spoon
Tomatoes 1 large chopped
Turmeric 1 pinch
Chili powder 1/2 spoon
Coconut milk 1 cup
Fennel seeds 1 spoon
Oil few spoons.


In a wide wok, heat oil. Add the whole spices and wait till they crackle.

Add chilies, ginger-garlic paste and onion. Fry real good.

Once the raw smell is gone, add tomatoes too. Fry till they wilt.

Add salt turmeric and chili powder. Further add the veggies and a cup of coconut milk. Cover and cook till they are done.

Make them in stew consistency...serve to go with roti, chappathi, iddiyappam, appam, dosa or idly.


Asparagus Thin Soup:


Asparagus 10
Vegetable broth 4 cups
Salt as per taste
Pepper 1 spoon
Soy mushroom sauce few spoons
Scalion 1 finely chopped(optional)
Butter 1/4 of a cube.


Slice diagonally all the asparagus.

In a crock pot, melt butter. Saute' scalion and asparagus slices for a while.

Add salt, pepper, soy mushroom sauce and vegetable broth. Continue cooking till the veggie is done.

Serve warm as a starter.


Asparagus Risotto:

Spring Risotto.


Arborio Rice (Italian Rice) 1 cup
Asparagus 6-9(tough ends trimmed & cut in 2" bits)
Carrot finely chopped
Scallions 1-2 fienly chopped
Jalapenos 1 seeded & chopped
Red Bell pepper 1 sliced
Peppercorns 1 spoon - ground
Chicken Broth 2 cups
Salt to taste
Parmesan cheese freshly grated 1/2 cup
Olive oil few spoons
Parsley/basil to garnish.


Cook rice with chicken broth and pich of salt. When the rice is done, set aside.

In a wide skillet, add oil. Add all the above mentioned ingredients(except cheese and parsley) and stir-fry them.

When the veggies are done, stir-in rice. Let the oil coat the rice well. Let all ingredients coem togather.

Now add cheese and parsley too. Make upt he fishishing touch.

Serve warm as a main dish.


Asparagus-Cheese Frittata:

Asparagus-Cheese Omlette. Asparagus Omelette. Cheesy Asparagus Omlette.


Eggs 3-4
Asparagus 5-6 (cut diagonally into 2" size bits)
Purple Onion 1 medium - sliced
Roma tomato 1 -sliced
Jalapenos 2 - cut into sticks
Grated cheese (or Velvetta Cheese 2-3 slices)
Salt - as per taste
Butter 1-2 cubes
Ground White Pepper to garnish (optional)


Wash and clean asparagus. Pat dry them. Cut them length wise or little diagonally into 2" size bits.

In a shallow pan, heat 1 cube of butter. Stir-in onions, jalapenos and asparagus. Stir-fry over high heat for 2-4 minutes. Sprinkle little salt over it. Set aside.

In each separate bowl. Break-in egg yolks and white separately. Beat them till peaks. Then mix to gather.

In ta heated skillet, melt butter. Pour the eggs into thin crepe. Arrange the tomato wedges. Add stir-fried onions, jalapenos and asparagus as well. Cook over medium heat.

When it is almost done. Add grated cheese or chopped velvetta cheese on top. Wait till it melts.

Serve warm as a break fast Omlette.