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Special Gifts - I am on Cloud Nine!

Well, it isn't just another bunch of awards to be shared! This is a special token of love and hearty appreciation from my friend Sangeetha. Yet another fellow food blogger turned buddy beyond the web world:)Thank you sweet heart:) She said, these awards are exclusively to Kitchen Tantra dot com for my sincerity, hard work and passion:)

You know what? I never won anything in my life to be proud about!! So, whenever there is love in the air, it feels right! A way for me to connect with world and great people:)

Actually, I am kind of trying to be content and satisfied with little things that I do in my life! However, can't deny the fact that it is overwhelmingly blissful to receive a honest feed back, sometimes! In that way, I truly respect and enjoy this award shower to the core:) Certainly, it means a lot to me:) Yes, I am on cloud nine:)

Let me take this opportunity to thank blogging world! And million dollars thanks to Sangeetha. Am going to cherish this lovely moment forever:)

These flowers from my garden goes to Sangee:)
Orange flowers symbolize kindness and gracious acceptance:)

And yellow flowers symbolize gratitude:)


Flattered By Awards Shower:)

I am overwhelmed and flattered with these bunch of awards. All my beloved friends shared lots and lots of awards with me:) So, it will be only polite to display few here. And these are passed to me by...Vimitha Anand, Soumya Vineeth, Only Fish Recipes, Love2Cook and VK (and not necessarily in the same order). Love you girls, let me take this opportunity to congratulate you all for this well-deserved awards, and wish everyone happy blogging. Heaps and heaps of thanks for sharing it with me, means are lot...gosh, am not crying?!:)

Well, someone really wants to know '7 Facts About Me'. Are you serious? ...coz' if I start talking, it would be hard to stop me, hehe:) Well, I have done so much of bragging about myself in the past, maybe its time to listen, I guess! Anyway...if it is what you want, here you go....

1. Though I am good at Counter-Argument, over the years...I realized sometimes, Silence speaks a lot. Or at least it works for me! Maybe that's the language(weapon) women used for generations?!

2. I feel bad for the improvements and discoveries made in progress! As more and more technology is introduced to our culture, the basic genetic drive for living beings is getting doomed. I pity people who crave for materialistic life rather than for an emotional-well being state.

3. One kool thing I like about myself is....I don't get carried away with marketing strategies. Its quite hard to make me convince buying things that won't be required (useless items). Yes, I am a big 'No' man(girl).

4. I haven't felt true freedom yet!!! As I see, definition of 'Freedom' is not only about 'The Right To Do What We Like', but also 'Not Obligated To Do The Things that We Don't Like' as well! Hope, I made my point! So, the later is not very practical many a times.

5. I can never tolerate Biased nature and Hypocrisy. As soon as I realize certain degree of mistrust, I put them immediately out of my circle of trust! I think, I should warm-up a little, to give people a second chance.

6. I get enough dopamine high when I go through Science Journals. I spend most of my income on books! In fact, 'Books' are the only friends, that never let me down. A good read is very important to me, am always glued and immersed in it.

7. I consider myself as An Universal Citizen, than clinging towards racial, ethnic, religious, gender (and much more) based boundaries!

Oh man, enough of me today...I feel like an Egoistic person:( I am gonna tag others and make them talk, talk and talk, hahaha:):) Here you go, these awards are being passed to the ladies, below. And I expect everyone to post 'Honest 7 Facts'.

Jaleela Kamal
Preethi Srinivasan
Priya Mitharwal
Hamaree Rasoi
Hari Chandana
Biny Anoop
Ananda Rajasekar
Suja Sugathan
Sathya Sankar

Kalpana Sareesh
Jaisy James
Swarnavalli Suresh
Sheena Babu
Sangee Vijay
Now Serving
Savitha Ramesh
Jeyashri Suresh
Geetha Achal


Award & 7 Honest Things About Me

Guess what? I received an Award and being tagged - Again. This time by Gayathri. Thank you so much, dude:) Its fun to talk about myself and am sort of doing it on daily basis, with little hindrance, for years(blogging, I mean).

Here you go, Honest Me Me:

1. I am accident prone:( I always hit or dash at any nearby objects, like coffee table, counter top, closet door etc. I have developed lots of cuts and bruises...while juggling the glass articles. I am pretty much attracted to any car bumper while driving in the downtown, especially. I am like a magnet to these hot oil, thick soup and any flammable substances...its easy to associate me with some sort of fire-accident, now and then. People say...I am completely blind:(

2. I have severe sleeping disorder problem. I wake up for even teeny noise that is made in Antarctica! I drink warm milk, listen to soft music, zero the lights, use lavender and I even tried reading chemistry text books...still can't sleep or stay asleep in peace.

3. There is a freaky thing about me, which really scares my friends: 'I am a horror movie lover', not just like-like kind, I schedule it with care. When, the weather is dark and perfect (like snowy winter/ rainy-dark Sunday noon or simply midnight)...and you know, I already live in the woods with no people around for next 20 miles. I'd pick up the best freaky movie ever and watch it, all alone:):) Guess, I am completely addicted to those brain chemicals, that coddles me with 'fear and thrill':)

4.Grr, Each time I visit India...I keep a track of my Dad's Grocery list. So, whatever he buys, goes and stays at wrong places in my body!! So, it is only my benefit...I'd hand out the list. Well, it took me 5 pounds of power lifting, 40 minutes of brisk walking, 500 geo-jumping, and one hour of yoga (and that is for two straight months) to undo all the damage I have caused to myself in India (eating those sweets and fried food)!!!

5. Well, I would officially call this month, as 'Best Bragging Month of the Year'. Yeah...I attended couple of interviews, where they asked me all awful questions(psychology it seems)and I have been invited to talk about myself on a Career Day, at Oxford Middle school and Lafayette High school. Guess, I could go there...whenever I need a ego-boost, these kids already think I am some sort of genius:)

6. Now a days, its easy to pick up a note-pad and write, than to have a real conversation with anyone! I am keeping my conversations very short or I will be busy forming sentences in my mind - thinking whether this is appropriate or what!! And I easily fall asleep when people go on and on with boring details...esp family crap / something about cars n machines:(

7. I have seen people say...if they have 'Life Rewind Button' they would love to go back to their pasts!!! Oh man, I cringe going back to those horrid school days...bundles of books n boring classes:( Wish, if I had that rewind button...I wouldn't have wasted so much time in Carnatic music:(

Most Importantly, I would like to forward this award and expect Honest MeMe from everyone:)

1. Do you own a blog, not necessarily a food blog?

2. Thanks for patient reading my scribblings, here today:)

3. Please grab the award and feel free to talk about yourself...we are ready to hear:)


8 Questions for 8 Bloggers - Award, Questionnaire and MeMe

As I told you before'...This couple of months of traveling episode, is pretty challenging. I am constantly on the move...with pile of work pending at Oxford! Even though' I can't really cook in a hotel room...but my days are fresh and keeps my brain functioning:) Anyhow, When Kavita tagged me with this 8 Questionnaire...I was really thrilled. I kept all my work aside and started answering her.

Besides I am also overwhelmed when she shared an award with me. Oh yeah, it feels very good to receive an award from your buddy:) Thank you so much Kavita:) Sometimes, awards and rewards...really brings back all the enthusiasm in us:)I would like to share this award with following buddies:)

Santosh Bangar
Biny Anoop
Anandha Rajasekar
Dr. Sameena

1. What is your take on organic food , is it a big deal for you ?

I am not so gaga about it...for one thing' its not my league, I can't afford it. All I think is...Oh yeah its good for the mother earth' but not to my purse:( When one side of the globe is very hungry' I can't spend extra 13-15 % of income to go green, the idea tho' :) I am managing myself as a locovore' (procuring produce' only from the local farmer's market) or from Amish place:)

2. Do you time your breakfast,lunch & dinner or eat when you are hungry ?

Time doesn't really a matter, but I can't stay focused when I am hungry(I go all nuts) I make sure, that there is something fresh and filling, ready for me to bite:)

3. What inspired you to write a food blog ?

I don't just happened one fine day...when I landed here...stuck in an apartment complex...with zero friends...and no car!!!

...when I managed a decent meal with exotic was there you go, I blogged

4. You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good,what will you do ?

Dispose it before anyone knows, he he:):)

5. Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it ?

Oh yeah, there are number of items like that...ready made broth-soup, artificial flavors n colors, bicarbonates, sodas etc

6. Name three things you have to use in most recipes ?

You know, you would have figured it out from my blog,by now...Cumin seeds, Garlic and Chili Powder:)

7. How important is eating meals together as a family to you?

Yep, very important. But what to do, we hardly myself, my brother and my parents...we all live in an entirely different continent(America, Australia and Asia, respectively). Why did you ask me...I am home sick:(

8. You do not like a particular dish at your favorite restaurant,what will you do ?

No big a deal, will never order it....he he:) If I don't like the taste of the food I ordered/served by a friend...I graciously push that aside of my plate...never complain:)

8 Questions to 8 Food Bloggers

Well...girls, please keep the ball rolling...I have passed this Questionnaire to 8 food bloggers and tagged them with 8 new here you go:

SS Blogs
Sushma Mallya
Priya Mitharwal

1. Why food is central to many Immigrant Indians?

2. Do you think 'Feminism' has robbed authentic home cooking at many houses?

3. Does enjoying a rich dessert' interfere with your happiness...thinking about the calories, diabetes...cholesterol etc?

4. How many stores do you visit to fill up your pantry and how often do you shop? (Groceries, Fresh produce, Kitchen utensils...everything counts)

5. When the entire world switches to ready made food or energy pills...will you still like to cook?

6. When your partner or significant others' hate your particular recipe...will you still continue to make them in a same fashion or tweak them to suit their needs?

7. Do you think 'cooking is in your gene' or 'you mastered it' out of hard work(I mean, experience)?

8. Do you think some of the Indian food' would be globalized in near future? (Like French Fries, Pizza, Burger, Popcorn, chocolate, coffee etc.)


Award & MeMe

Chaitrali Pathak, Chetana, Roshu and Veena have shared this wonderful award with me, thank you so much buddies.

To accept the award thank the person who awarded it to you, share 7 things about yourself and list 15 friends you like to pass this lovely award.

7 Things About Me:

1. I am an avid book reader, and I hate TV. I am the only one' among my friends circle who doesn't own a decent TV! No flat screen??? is the first question I face from everyone. I am a digital Neanderthal.

2. I am cleanliness freak, I spend most of free time toiling around the house buffing the counter and windows.

3. I wind up driving long distances...on boring Saturdays and Sundays. No goal, just drive to any place, like a wandering mind - non stop:)

4. I am neophobic. Its very hard for me to convince any new food, especially at restaurants. I stick to the same old well-known dish most of the time. I don't venture out, simply...things rarely appease me.

5. I am bad gardener, Daddy created a beautiful flower bed around the house...when he visited here, some 3 months ago. Keep this as a secret, I rarely water them, oops:(

6. I hold a big stigma to start a conversation with strangers. On the whole, I don't open up quite easily, I need someone to break the ice. People often misjudge me as an introvert. Maybe they are right, takes years for me to warm up, I know I am such a jerk.

7. I chicken out to confess my mistakes to my parents, and am also a terrible eyes speaks before' I intend to say anything goofy.

Choosing only 15 Friends to share the award is bit tough for me, so please feel free to grab the award with you, when you read this post.


Honest Scrap Award - MeMe

Daisy Blue and Beena Shylesh has shared the 'Honest Scrap Award' with me. I am truly honored, my friends. Thank you so much:)

Its been a while, I blogged about the awards with MeMe. I feel awful to brag about myself, because that's what I do in each and every post, he he.

1. I am a very passionate (crazy) researcher. I am madly, deeply, in love with Science. From Astonishing Hypothesis to latest Quantum Physics, I keep a track of everything.

2. I see, every aspect of human life as a Naturalist. I am a practical-radical person.

3. I am all gaga about light weight jewelry collection.

4. I am a solo tigress, like to be left alone.:)

5. I am daddy's girl:) I am not a 5 year old(definitely not) but, when it comes to the word 'Dad'. I am very possessive about him. I love him so much, he is my real hero.:)

6. Burgundy, Deep Red, Blood red, Ruby red, Salsa Red, Reddish Maroon - are my favorite colors.:) All the furniture at my home (since the day I started decorating), the bed-spreads, pull-overs, curtains and all the cars I owned so far(changed nearly 3 times)and one which I have now - are all of this color!!!

7. I feel the word 'Atheist' doesn't define me very well. It looks like, as tho' I am denying some super-natural power's existence!

8. I hate shopping with others. Many make me real sick! I make quick decisions, I shop only when I want something. Hate window shopping and strolling through the malls(that's why I have very few friends here).

9. I can never be around with someone, who acts like a teenager(but quite older than that), hyper-energetic & hormone driven persons, fantasists, attention seekers, curious George, clueless-boastful-boring-nosy-jealous-gossipers. And I really get annoyed, if someone asks me multi-multiple stupid questions(well, the list goes on).

10. Currently working on a thesis, which has an exciting supplementary work, based on Food Anthropology. Guess, many of you would like it:)



Thanks for Cheering me up with this Great Tofa(Gift), Asha ji.:) I am truly honoured:) I would like to share this award with following cheerful friends.

Ann - My Friend
Faiza Ali
Bong Mom
Sarah Naveen
Ushnish Ghosh
Usha Nandhini
Siddhi Sirrath
Soma Pradhan
A-Z Vegetarian
Viki Xavier



Viki has passed this great award to me, I am truly honoured. I would like to share this with Ann, Bong Mom, Cham, Gita, Geetha Achal, Lubna, Priya, Priya, Ramya Bala, Rina, Sanghi, Shailaja, Spice, Sarah Naveen, Sharmila, Tina, My Kitchen, Mrs. Menaga, Ushnish Ghosh(sorry the logo looks too girlie), Vinolia, Viki and Yasmeen.



Thanks for the lovely Award Raje.



Sanghi, Priya Sriram and Dhanya Nambirajan has shared this award with me. Thank you girls...I love your blogs too!!:))



My friends...Vinolia, Varsha and Sanghi has shared this 'Super Chef Award' with me! Thank you Sweet Hearts! It really means a lot to me. Well...I leave to all the food bloggers, here. Please feel free to take them with you...almost all the home chef's deserve it, I guess.



  • Sanghi

  • has passed me all these 4 great awards, that is so sweet!!! I am honoured, thank you sweet heart!!!



  • Deepa Hari

  • has passed an amazing award. Thank you dear for the lovely award!!!

    The award states that: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement (? big word, lol). Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

    Hmmm, also picking only eight is one of the toughest job. Each day I find an interesting friend and my buddy list is growing gradually...and am happy about the way I bump into new people with common interests. Okay...let me pick 8 friends who will keep it passing on!!!

  • Asha

  • Neema

  • Vinolia

  • Yasmeen

  • Sanghi

  • Madhumathi

  • Vicky

  • Lubna

  • Enjoy You'll!!!



  • Rajeshwari

  • My blog buddy, Rajeshwari has shared this award with me. Oh my gosh,'Blogging with a Purpose' I am really speechless, felt so good!:) Thank you dear.

    Blogging with a purpose...did I??? Yeah...sure everyone has some purpose with it, I guess! So I am leaving it blank...this award belongs to everyone. It is displayed here, please feel free to take it with you. Almost everyone deserves it!!!


    I am thrilled to receive this award from my blog buddy Anu.

  • Chandrabhaga

  • Thank you so much sweetheart. 'Circle of friends' award sounds so nice to me...its like going on a 'time machine' back to high school years!!! Wow...this award makes me feel like a teenager!:) This blog world has created lot differences in our lives, right! And earning friendship makes it wholesome!!! Sure...I want to share this award with everyone. Please feel free, to take the award with you.

  • Viki Xavier

  • Vinolia

  • Ana Powell

  • Ann

  • Priya

  • Neema

  • Yasmeen

  • Lubna

  • Gita

  • Sathya Sankar

  • Usha Nandini

  • Mangala Bhat

  • Ambika

  • Cham

  • Asha

  • Shama Nagarajan

  • Jaishree

  • Sanghi

  • Vijitha

  • Deepa Hari

  • Sriharivatsan

  • Rajeshwari

  • Vidhya

  • Nithya

  • Varsha

  • Ashwini
  • 18.2.09



    My Sweet friends( Yasmeen, Shanghi and Vinolia)had shared an award with me! Award, 'You are Sweet'...isnt that sweet!!!

    I will share this award with all my sweet fellow bloggers!:)

    Yeah...I don't want to make a list, that is so endless...

    This award goes to all my sweet fellow bloggers....who take care to notice whats happening in my blog...leave their sweet comments and suggestions! I love you'all!!! Thank you so much for being so sweet with me!!!



    A Million Dollar Friend Award:

    Sometimes we cross path with fellow bloggers...that we end up knowing each other, beyond blogging!!! Thanks to the very idea of blog comments!!! Although making a bunch of new friends is not uncommon in this blog world...but still, only with very few...we have real touchy conversation!!! Guess frequency match made it lot easier!:)

    I would like to send this Million Dollar Friend Award to my Friend:

  • Viki Xavier
  • 31.1.09


    Good Chat Friends Award:

    I thought I will never do this in my life, Talking!!! That too chatting!!! And online via Blog Comments!!! Wooooo, this feels so good!!!

    I would like to pass this interesting award to my blogger friends, those who chat a lot with me! I know the list is endless!!! Well, I also request all the new budding bloggers to feel free to comment and express yourself.

  • Ann

  • Arundhuti

  • Ana Powel

  • Ambika

  • Asha

  • Anudivya

  • Vinolia

  • Shama

  • Viki Xavier

  • Ramya Bala

  • Vidhya

  • Vijitha

  • Varsha

  • Ujwal

  • Yasmeen

  • Jaishree

  • Priya

  • Lubna

  • Sriharivatsan

  • Rajeswari

  • Mangala Bhat

  • Gita

  • 24.1.09

    I am thrilled to receive this Refreshing award from three of my blogger friends. Thank you Sweet Hearts.

  • Vidhya

  • Ann

  • Sriharivatsan

  • I would like to pass this award to few of my blog buddies:

  • Asha

  • Akal's Saappaadu

  • Arundhuti

  • Usha Nandhini

  • Vijitha
  • 2.12.08

    Superior Scribbler Award

    The 'Superior Scribbler' Award was given to me, by Yasmeen. Thank you Sweet Heart. I am truly honoured.

  • Yasmeen

  • I do scribble a lot, and thats why I blog!:) As all my readers know that already...hmmm...still do I qualify actually, 'Sensible'!? talk about health related stuff now and then. Hoping that soemone out there must find it useful!

    Ground Rules of The Supirior Scribbler Award:

    1. Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Bloggy Friends.

    2. Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.

    3. Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This Post, which explains The Award.

    4. Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the
  • Mr.Linky List

  • That way, we'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor!

    5. Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

    Yasmeen has put me into this delicate situation to pick just 5 fellow bloggers, who scribble sensible....

    I would like to pass this Award to Sensible Fellow Sribblers:

  • Sangeeth

  • Kay

  • Mansi

  • Niya Prakash

  • Pallavi

  • Congrats Y'll.