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Iniya Thamizh Puthaandu Nalvazhthukkal - Happy Vishu:)

Hindoo Meals

Vazhaipoo Vadai (Plantain Flower Fritters)
Muttai-Koss Kootu (Cabbage Kootu)
Vendaikai Poriyal (Okra Stir-fry)
Avaraikai Podimass (Broad beans subzi)
Vazhaikai Varuval (Green plantain spicy fry)
Urulaikizhangu Masala (Potato Masala)
Kathirikai-Murungaikai-Mangai Sambhar (Eggplants-Drumsticks-Mango Sambar)
Arai Keerai Masiyal (Amaranthus Greens Masiyal)
Murungai Keerai Poriyal (Morigha greens-peanuts stir-fry)

Decoration and Picture - by A.K.Karan:)


Bobatlu - Ugadi Shubhakankshalu

Puran Poli: (Happy Telugu New Year)

Other Names: Bobbatlu, Puran Poli, Paruppu Poli, Boli, Obbottu, Bobatlu. Polelu.

Bobattlu ( Andra Special Sweet)


Maida/All purpose flour 3 cups
Turmeric 1/4 spoon
Cooking soda 1/4 spoon
Warm water 1 cup
Ghee/clarified butter/sesame oil 1 cup
No working flour/dusting flour.

Dough Preparation:

In a large bowl add flour. Mix salt, turmeric and soda in warm water. Add this water now to flour and prepare a smooth dough.

Add ghee/oil for further smooth finish. Now wrap the dough in a wet cloth and leave it for 1 hour.

After a hour add 1 half cup of oil to the dough and once again set it aside. leave the oiled dough for at least 4 hours/till the oil gets absorbed.

Then divide them into equal parts, small roundel by only using oil on your hands. Never use dry flour here, like making chappathi/poori.


Chana dal/kadalai parrupu 1-2 cups
Jaggery 1-2 cup
Freshly grated coconut
Til seeds/black sesame seeds 4-6 spoons
Cashew nuts 1/2 1 fistful
Cardamom 8-10 powdered
Color (optional)
Ghee 1/4 cup


Pressure cook lentils till tender. Make sure that the lentils are done and still intact in shape.

Heat ghee in a pan, add cashew nuts and sesame seeds. Add cardamom powder and jaggery. Let jaggery melt freely. Later add cooked lentils + grated coconut. Cook on low heat till the moisture is absorbed. Bring this to semi-solid and not watery anymore. If it is watery cook further, as it may ruin the poli preparation.

Poli Preparation:

Take a clean plantain leaf, smear with ghee. Place the dough roundels on it. Press with your hands to make thin rotis. Place 1-2 spoon of filling in the middle and seal them carefully, press and flatten them again.

Heat a griddle and add gee. Toast them both the sides till golden and remove from heat.

Serve warm, or at room temperature or cold as a dessert.


Thandai / Indian Bhang - Holi Festival Special Bhang Drink

Thandai:(Re posting)


Milk 4 cups
Cashew nuts 10
Almonds 10
Poppy seeds 1 spoon
Pumpkin seeds 1 spoon
Rose petals few/rose water few spoons
Cardamom pods 3
Cinnamon sticks 2
Sugar to taste
Saffron few strands.


Soak the nuts in warm milk for couple of hours. Wet grind these to thick paste.

Now mix the paste to the remaining milk, add the spices...boil this set-up over medium heat for long time, Maybe till the milk reduces into half.

Filter the same, chill this completely.

Serve cold, garnish with rose petals. Enjoy as bedtime drink.


Hyderabad Lukhme / Meat Pockets - Exciting Snack

Lukhme:(Hyderabad Special)

Ramadhaan Meat Samosa. Ramzaan Snacks.

Another exciting recipe from the city of Char Minar. Though there is no much difference between Meat Samosa and Lukhmi(technically), but lukhmi is often made with whole wheat atta (which makes it a healthy choice) and definitely its of this square shape. Well, just like Hyderabad Haleem, it is usually prepared only during the fasting month of Ramzaan. That's the speciality about this dish.


Follow the links for the filling above.

Dough - whole wheat 1 cup: semolina 1/4 cup.

Fashioned just like samosa, except for the shape. Hope you got it.:)

Well, I shallow fried them, today...but I suggest you all to try deep-fry version for extra crunch and crisp:)


Malabar Special Ramzaan Sweet Treat

Unnakayi. Unnakaye. Unnakaya. Pazham Nirachadhu. Stuffed Plantains. Vazhai Kai Appam?Vayaka Adda. Vayyakada. Kai ada. Kayeada.

Generally I do cook several dishes from my blogger friends, but I don't picture or post them. This is the first time, I am so impressed with my fellow blogger's work and tried her recipe the very same day. When she posted this recipe' under Ramadhaan special, I was so curious to try it immediately. That was quite exciting and totally a new dish for me:) But I was so skeptical to post the same because' mine didnt turn out very well...hmmm but its okay for the first time, right! Anyhow, comeon please take a look, at the original version, here.


Semi ripe plantains (not raw, not got it?)
Egg with Sugar - scrambled
Cashewnuts and raisins - ghee fried.
Ghee for deep frying.


Steam the palntains, peel and core them. Now mash them coarsely.

Divide into equal parts, and flatten them...fill-in scrambled eggs plus nuts and raisins. Cover and bring them to elongated ball shapes. Repeat the same for allt he remaining stuff too.

Shallow or deep fry these in hot ghee. Yep, yummm:)


Happy Sankranthi - Harvest Fesvital Special Roundup!

One of my favourite things to do in India is to attend all the jubiliant festivals.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Makara Sankranthi:)


Haleem - Hyderabad Special

Haleem:(Ramzaan Special)

Haleem is a minced meat plus wheat based delicasy, that is prepared during the fasting month of Ramzaan(Ramadhaan). I happended to taste this heavenly dish at Hyderabad. I was told that, it is a speciality food and its prepared only at two places (Lucknow and Hyderabad). The exciting fact of the recipe is, its long cooking hours. Oh, takes a whole day...soaking, grinding and cooking it. This really heightens the joy feasting, after a fast. As I mentioned before, I really enjoy slow cooking...its lot of fun.


I tried the same recipe with minced chicken, they turned out fairly decent 'palatable'. Guess, vegetarians could craftly use shredded soy chucks or meal maker in place of meat.:)


Lamb/goats meat - minced 100 grams
Whole wheat 250 grams
Yogurt 1/4 cup
Ginger-garlic paste 1/2 spoon
Green chilli paste 2 spoons
Cilantro leaves - minced
Lemon juice 2-4 spoons
Black cardamoms crushed and powdred
Garam masala powder 1 spoon
Ghee 1/4 cup (Yes more, I requires)
Salt as per taste
Onion 1 large sliced and fried to garnish.


Mix together the Ginger garlic paste, chili paste, yogurt, lemon juice, cilantro paste, cardamom, salt and garam masala powders. Marinate the meat in this mixture for about 2-4 hours.

Soak the whole wheat overnight. Mkae sure that it doesnt fermet or anything...its good to soak in the fridge. Next day, cook the wheat till tender. Bring this down to room temperature and puree them. Wet grind using little or no water.

Heat ghee in a wide wok. Add the marinated meat. Turn around over high heat, once the meat tuns opaque. Add water to cover and cook. Set over low to medium heat.

Once meat is done, add the wheat paste and continue to cook for another 20 to 30 minutes.

Garnish with fried onions, fried chilies and run a spoonful of ghee on the top.

Serve steaming hot.


Navrathri Special - Cucumber Seeds Halwa

Cucumber Seeds Halwa:

Vellari Vidhai Halwa.

Being a Pastafarian, me talking about way!! As y'll know, I am keeping my ideologies silent, today. Wish you all 'very Happy Dusserra Festival'. Enjoy!

I still remember this fresh...when we were kids, all our neighbours and friends used to invite Pari(my brother) for the Kolu. Yeah, Pari is the one who learnt carnatic music in the family...following my mother's footsteps. I just used to escort him. He had no idea 'what it would be sit and sing along with girls! He did it from age 3-10 and realized something and gave up going to the kolu's later.

Well, this recipe goes to my brother...who is missing family and festivals so much! Kindling all these childhood memories...hope this post makes him bit happy!:)


Cucumber seeds, (hulled and cleaned)
Saffron 1/4 teaspoon - powdered
Milk 1 cup
Sugar 1 bowl full
Ghee 1 cup.


Blend these seeds along with milk and saffron to a thick paste.

In a non-stick pan add ghee. Try to maintain the whole process on a low flame.

Now add sugar and 1/2 cup of water....bring the syrup to pearl consistency.

To this syrup...add cucumber seed's paste. Constantly stir the contents with a well greased wooden spatula.

Once the Halwa consistency is achieved transfer it to well greased container. Smear the container preferably with ghee.

Garnish the same with remaining seeds and sugar syrup. Serve chilled or at the room temperature.


Kodi Kai Kuzhambu

Pongal Special Kodi Kai Kuzhambu:

Pongal Festival Special Legumes Curry. Pongal side dish Kuzhambu. Kadhamba Kuzhambu. Kadamba Kuzhambu. Ven Pongal Side Dish. Milagu Pongal Side Dish. Kadalai Curry. Kadalai Kuzhambu.

My parents used to make this curry to go with Pongal(rice dish)recipe only on Pongal day(A festival that falls on Jan 14th). Its a harvest festival. I guess almost all countries have their own harvest festival! Its like giving thanks to natural forces, water, sun, fire...etc which helped them to succeed in their produce.

So the food prepared on this day will be all from fresh produce! Pongal dish(main course, rice dish)calls for raw rice, freshly husked/hand pounded...something city dwellers can't find!:( So we substitute with 'plain store bought new raw rice bag'! This dish calls for all legumes and all vegetables(produced during the season), sounds very interesting to me! Absolutely no use of powdered spices/ready made sambar sachets or anything is allowed!:( Again whole cooking episode here takes place under the sun/in a mutram(central open space, in a country house). They use only fire woods and specially build stone stoves for the day...all signifies thanking & living with natural forces! Anyways...Happy Pongal to Everyone!!!

Much like Thiruvathirai Kootu/Ezhu Kari kuzhambu(7 vegetable curry)...but here they use still lot more vegetables + Legumes.

Use 1 or 2 pieces of each vegetables(like potatoes, carrots...)Use just 1 small slice of few vegetables(Yam, pumpkin...). Use 1 fistful of legumes...soak them ahead of preparing, usually overnight!



White Pumpkin
Red pumpkin
Beet Root
Broad Beans

Dry Legumes:

Mochai(Indian Lima Beans)
Karamani- both large and small variety/white & brown variety(Black Eye Beans/Kidney Beans)
Pattani- both Yellow & Green(Peas)
Kondaikadalai- both Brown & White(Garbanzos)
Pachai Payiru(Green Gram)
Thuvarai(Red gram)

Spices for Curry:

No Onion
No Garlic
Chilies yes 3-6 slitted
No Tomatoes
Tamarind fresh pods 6-8 shelled & soaked in warm water then de seed, puree
Turmeric 1/2 spoon
Chili powder 2-4 spoons
Peanut Oil/Sesame oil - freshly cold pressed.

Tempering Spices:

Mustard seeds 1 spoons
Cumin seeds 2 spoons
Fenugreek seeds 1/2 spoon
Peppercorns 1/2 spoon
Asafoetida 1/2 spoon
Curry leaves few
Sesame oil few spoons.


In a wide + deep, heavy bottomed vessel, heat oil. Add chilies and wait till it splutters.

Then add all the vegetables + soaked legumes. Saute for few minutes. Then add salt, turmeric and chili powder.

Add tamarind puree to it. Cover and cook till they are done.

In a separate pan, heat oil. Add tempering spices and run this over the curry prepared.

Serve to go with your Ven Pongal or Milagu Pongal.


Ramzaan Pachadi

Thakkali Inippu Pachadi:

Toamto Jam. Kaasi Pachadi. Tomato Halwa

This is also called 'Kaasi Pachadi'....don't know how it got it! Mommy's friend Mrs. Babulal used to make this as a side dish! She used to slice the toamtoes and simply immerse them in strong sugar syrup! She treats it as dessert sometimes! Anyways....if you preparing huge Dhaawat(Party Dinner)it could help you as an another dish(can be counted as dip, sweet pachadi, dessert?? name it!)


Tangy county tomatoes 4-6(or roma toamtoes)
Saffron few strands
Sugar 1/2 cup
Cardamom pods 3 crushed
Cashewnuts few slitted
Ghee few spoons.


Slice or chop toamtoes and set aside.

Prepare a strong sugar syrup. Add cardamom and saffron to it.

Then add tomatoes and cook for a while and remove from heat.

In a seperate pan, heat ghee, fry cashewnuts and add to the above setup.

Treat as jam, dip, sweet pachadi....