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Candied Beets / Beet Root Halwa - Happy Tamizh New Year:)

Beetroot Halwa:

Today, I was asked to fast for a day long. Well, it was 'piece of cake' I planned a good eat yesterday night:) Considering the fact, I have errands to run today and a good bit of shuttling schedule...I felt compelled to eat a relatively carb rich diet, last night. Otherwise, I am usually content with a cup of vegetables and a glass of milk (hard to believe, right)!

Then, as usual coddled myself with a book (was so thrilled to read about Cannibalism of Ancient civilizations, like Inuit, Aztec, Maori and Mayans). I dunno when I slipped into sleep...where I was taken to the past world, with wild land scape, primitive people roaming with uncombed hair, dressed in long thick outfit; made of jute-something, carrying some kind of twig baskets filled with tubers and some people around me were busy making some sort of single piece cloth; and dying the same with natural dye! I was summoned by an old cannibal chief, who asked me 'If I have anything serious to offer him'.

Oh boy, that's when...I got up from my sleep! My goodness, back to real world...was tossing and turning the remaining night long! Actually, was not scared a bit (trust me)..but was wondering how the dream would have gone...haha !!

A disturbed sleep interrupts with work next day...leads to fatigue, disorientation and lethargy. I don't think...I would ever dine in peace for a late-night meal!! Well, wanna know the moral of the episode...never hold strong emotions ruin your evening. Its always safe to avoid sensational books, grudges, guilt, anger, regret, and ecstasy as much as possible before you wind down. A good night's sleep comes after a peaceful dinner. So, don't go hungry or stuff yourself before bedtime.


Beet roots 3
Sugar 3/4 cup
Milt 2 cups
Ghee 1 table spoon
Cardamom powder 1/4 spoon
Cashew nuts and raisins - few to garnish.


Grate the beets very finely, set aside.

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Add cardamom powder and sugar. Further add 1/4 cup of water. Bring this sugar solution to a strong syrup.

Then add the grated beets, and milk. Cover and cook till tender, then remove the lid and continue cooking for 15-20 minutes or until the moisture is all evaporated. It will throw up into a mass, leaving from pan.

Remove from heat and garnish with fried nuts and raisins. Leave them in a refrigerator.

Serve chilled as a dessert.


Yucca Halwa / Maravalli Kizhangu Halwa - Country Style

Maravalli Kizhangu Halwa:(Country Style)

Manihot esculenta is the Botanical name of this plant. Where they have modified tap in starch. Its eaten in many parts of the world today, but traces its origin to South America. In India, it is often associated with famine food'. During depression, people mainly sustained with just few tapioca plants planted at their backyard...the starchy tubers satisfied their hunger. This is one of the recipe Papa narrated to me, saying how his sister...whiped this simple starchy tuber into delicacy.


Yucca tuber 1
Jaggery/Granulated brown sugar - as much as you want
Cardamom 3-6 pods crushed
Grated coconut few spoons
Pumpkin seeds to garnish
Ghee 1-2 spoons.


Grated the tubers, yeah bit hard...but you will get it.:)

In a wide wok, heat ghee add the cardamom, followed by sugar and 1 cup of water. Heat till it comes to one string consistency.

Now, add the grated tuber. Cover and cook over low heat, once halwa is formed...add coconut and pumpkin seeds too.

Enjoy as a dessert. Very filling though'.:)


Mishti Doi - Steamed Milk Cake!

Steamed Milk Sweet:

Junnu without cow's lactating milk. Ginnu - Cheating method:) Seem Paal or Kadampu Paal Halwa. Milk Custard?! Bhappa Doi. Mishti Doi. Steamed Condensed Milk:)

They make a special dessert with cow's first few day's lactating milk. The lactating milk is very nutritious, high in protein and looks much deep yellow in color (kadambu paal/seem paal in Tamil).

While I was studying at Hyderabad, my friends kept raving about a dish made with cow's first milk. It is called Junnu in Telugu. So, when I visited my place (Tamil Nadu), I asked my Dad' whether its easy to find cow's lactating milk'! I know its kind of hard to find in a city...where we manage ourselves with Aawin milk! But, my Dad really took it too personal and embarrassed me...he spread a word to all his workers, subordinates, friends, neighbors, who ever he bumped look out for cattle owners! I felt very awkward and was so angry at him, back then...see I am not that foodie!!! One of my Dad's driver(Murugesan) never gave up, he finally brought me 'the cow's first milk'. I was so exited and somehow managed to make that specialty sweet. It was awesome and its worth searching after all.:)

So, today...I simply tried to re-create the same dish without lactating milk, using some basics at home. Hmmm, not bad, it turned out great.:)


Yogurts 1 bowl
Half n Half 4 cups(reduced milk)
Sugar - as per taste
Garnish with saffron/chopped nuts.


Hang the yogurts in cheese cloth for 2-4 hours. Let the liquid pass out, now retain the solids.

Now reduce the heavy milk(half n hlaf) into half again, by continuous boiling. Now mix this thick milk with yogurt solids and sugar. Blend and puree them, bring them to smooth perfection.

Now fill these in the dessert bowls and steam cook for 10 minutes.

Ta-Da, its ready. Now leave these in fridge for at least 2-4 hours.

Serve chilled:)


Milk Fudge - New Year Special!!!

Doodh Peda:

Milk Peda, Milk Fudge, Doodh Peda, Paal Peda, Paal Halwa.

Even though I didn't post daily in 2009 (as I did in 2008), this year has continued to be all 'slow cooking classic recipes'. It has been active, challenging, energetic, realistic and somewhat glorious year. I can't imagine what 2010 hold up for me...yet I am ready, alright bring it on!!!

How about some milky milk fudge to treat everyone on New Year's eve? This is a classic, delicious, creamy and very simple fudge. It sets up beautifully and is not too soft, texture is bit grainy and yet melt in mouth perfection.:)

I didn't measure today, but it is probably closer to a gallon of milk and two cups of sugar. Well, if you are planning to cook in a jiffy...I got to tell you this 'The short cut version of doodh peda recipe, exists all over the Internet'...but this is something from my kitchen, the slow cooking method(to kill the time)!

Note: I insist to measure the essential ingredients (sugar and milk)ahead of time, because you will be standing at front of the stove top, stirring the whole time.


Whole milk - a gallon
Sugar - definitely as per taste
Ghee few spoons - to grease one's palm for shaping them into pedas.
No cardamom, no saffron, no vanilla essence...just plain and simple:)


Put milk and sugar in a heavy bottom, non-stick vessel and heat over low to medium range. Stir, stir and stir.

How long one should stir?

"One got to stir till shoulder hurts."

My mother would rather say, "Stir till the whole mixture(sugar and milk)get thick and start to loose off from the sides of the pot and it will start to splutter and splutter.

Be careful, when milk fudge really hurts your hand, I have ruined enough:(

Now pour the contents into a well greased pan, then shape them into lovely pedas. And sprinkle chopped nuts (optional).

Leave to cool and harden.

Note: If you boil the fudge too long its going to get too hard; if you don’t boil it enough, its going to stay sticky and timing is essential, but nobody can actually tell exactly when one should to take it off from the stove.

Other Information:I started around 11'O Clock in the morning and finished stirring around 3.30 in the afternoon. Another 45 minutes of shaping and trying to put an impression(in vain)all happened. Between...did I tell you all, cleaning the stove took at least one and half hours the next day morning.:(

Once you mastered the art of making it, invite your friends, nibble fudge, laugh and shrug off the pain from your shoulders.:)


Qubani Ka Meeta - Happy Thanks Giving Y'all

Kubhani ka Meetha:(Hyderabadi Style)

Qubani Ka Meetha. Qubani Ka Meeta. Apricot Halwa. Hyderbad Apricot dessert. Peach Pazham Halwa.

Another exciting recipe from the city of Char Minar (Hyderabad). I am reposting one of my old recipe, here today to Wish Y'all Happy Thanks Giving.:) Enjoy your holidays and have fun shopping:)


Dry apricot 250 gms
Sugar 150 gms
Almonds 1/4 cup(Toasted and peeled)

To Garnish:

Ice cream - vanilla
Fresh cream/Condensed Milk
Mint leaves.


Wash the apricots and soak them in water, overnight...preferably in the fridge.

The next day...once the water is all sucked up, blend and puree them. Set aside.

In a heavy vessel, melt sugar with 1/4 cup of water. Bring it to syrup like consistency.

Now to this sugar syrup, add the puree and continue cooking over low flame/heat.

Once halwa consistency is achieved, remove from heat.

Transfer the contents into a serving dish. Serve warm or chilled accompanied by ice-cream. A spoonful of fresh cream can be used to garnish the dessert.


Jack Fruit Jam

Jack Fruit Jam:

Chakka Varati. Pala Pazha Halwa. Palapazham Halwa/Jam. Chakka Varattiyadhu.

My Mommy learnt this recipe from her friend Geetha (whose native is Palakkad). Mommy learnt bunch of Kerala specialities from her(will share with you'll in future). Both my Mother and Geetha Auntie are excellent singers, all they do is sing and cook together. Oh those were days, man.

When I was a little girl...while they were talking about 'Chakka Varati'...I used to mispronounce it as 'Chakaravarthi'...he he. Now only that I can understand 'Chakka' means 'Jack fruit' in Malayalam and 'Varati' should possibly mean 'reduced'?! Girls help me!

Well, what is this about 'making jam - no big a deal' one can simply immerse any fruit in the syrup and achieve it! Is that all you think! Then change your opinion, friends. Stay tuned for the remaining part of the recipe! am going to use this jam, is the exciting part actually! Wait till my next post.:)


Jack Fruit (pulp) 1 cup
Jaggery 1/2 cup
Ghee as you wish
Cardamom pods 6 crushed
Dry ginger powder 1/4 spoon
Coconut grated few spoons.


In a wide vessel, heat ghee...add cardamom and ginger powders to it.

Add jaggery and just enough water to cover it. Once it turns to syrup...start adding the chopped pulp. Cover and cook for few minutes.

Hmm, if you like smooth homogenous jam, you can actually puree the pulp. Well...I like them bit chunky.

Then you know, simmer it down and constantly stir to achieve the jam perfection. Run ghee, whenever you feel like. Also toss grated coconut before you finish.

Set aside, bring this down to room temperature and refrigerate the same.


Vilampazham Halwa

Vilam Pazha Halwa:

Vilampazham Jam. Vilampazha Halwa. Vilam Pazha Laddu.

The Botanical name of this fruit is Feronia elephantum. The English common name is 'Wood Apple'. The shell is hard and lethery...goes from pale greenish white to half white when ripe. The pulp is extremely 'tangy' they always mix it with jaggery. This is kind of seasonal fruit, hits the market during 'Aadi Maasam'(July-August). Though I have mentioned it Halwa, there isnt anything fancy here...just flipped the pulp and mixed it with gurd thats all!:)

Mix the pulp with jaggery, grated coconut, crushed cardamom and run few spoons of ghee. Just eat it.:)


Navrathri Special - Cucumber Seeds Halwa

Cucumber Seeds Halwa:

Vellari Vidhai Halwa.

Being a Pastafarian, me talking about way!! As y'll know, I am keeping my ideologies silent, today. Wish you all 'very Happy Dusserra Festival'. Enjoy!

I still remember this fresh...when we were kids, all our neighbours and friends used to invite Pari(my brother) for the Kolu. Yeah, Pari is the one who learnt carnatic music in the family...following my mother's footsteps. I just used to escort him. He had no idea 'what it would be sit and sing along with girls! He did it from age 3-10 and realized something and gave up going to the kolu's later.

Well, this recipe goes to my brother...who is missing family and festivals so much! Kindling all these childhood memories...hope this post makes him bit happy!:)


Cucumber seeds, (hulled and cleaned)
Saffron 1/4 teaspoon - powdered
Milk 1 cup
Sugar 1 bowl full
Ghee 1 cup.


Blend these seeds along with milk and saffron to a thick paste.

In a non-stick pan add ghee. Try to maintain the whole process on a low flame.

Now add sugar and 1/2 cup of water....bring the syrup to pearl consistency.

To this syrup...add cucumber seed's paste. Constantly stir the contents with a well greased wooden spatula.

Once the Halwa consistency is achieved transfer it to well greased container. Smear the container preferably with ghee.

Garnish the same with remaining seeds and sugar syrup. Serve chilled or at the room temperature.


Mithai Mela - Special Round Up

Halwa Candies

Jack Fruit Payasam

Wheat Halwa

Makkan Peda



Nuts Halwa

Walnut Halwa

Nuts Kheer

Milk Kowa

Sugar Cane Pongal

Black Gram Kali

Fruit Halwa

Almond Halwa

Mithai Mela - Special Round-Up:

These recipes are going to Srivalli's Mithai Mela Event!!!