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Snow Cones From My Back Yard:)

Snow Cones with Roof Afsa Syrup

It has been a long, frightening winter...with lots of cold and dark days n nights. Its officially Spring, though sleet won't stop. One thing I like about snowy, breezy evening is...not watching TV, just go gaze through the plain window for a natural show. Most of the time' step out to the yard and play like a child.

Okay, Girls its play time in Mississippi. Let's get our hands dirty and run in the field. Ouch, watch really hurts to walk down without proper shoes or gloves. After done enough with snow balls and stuff...its time for some snow cones! A similar treat' could be whipped using scrapped ice or crushed ice, topped with your favorite syrup. Voila, that's it...lick it off like a baby, there you go' you are already aware of it:)


You probably know, its not healthy to eat fresh natural snow! By doing so, you may be inflicted with flu!! However, if you want to have some fun, go ahead and try to collect the snow in a clean bowl...directly while it is showering. Do not collect it from the ground, please!


Hot & Spicy Pop Sickle!!!

Hot & Spicy Pop Sickle:

I still manage to bring some decent food, using only the basic gadgets at home(some are very primitive tho'). Yes, I prefer stone grinder over a blender for little things, I am the only Indian(atleast I think so') who never owned a pressure cooker!!! It has always been so easy for me trash and donate all the unwanted goods like (electric rice cooker, steamer, deep fryer, etc)considering the fact, that I will never use them! I do the same, when I visit my home...rearrange with only essentials!! Which really makes my Mom very mad(angry)!!!I dunno why, never been an electronic person!

Over the time, I have accumulated many kitchen tools, that is so unlike me! Like I discovered, untouched gadgets in my kitchen...electric mixer, coffee blender, immersion circulator (foam creator?), bullet mixie (used only once), food processor (simply untouched), marianation syringe, couple of thermometers...though I kept saying, I know how to take care of myself with basic essential goods, it happens to me too...shopped so much without any idea!!!

So, I also had this 'pop sickle mold' abandoned somewhere in my kitchen cupboard. Planned to fix something adult today, aaah don't get me wrong or anything, made some hot & spicy pop sickle, just to suit this lovely not-so-cold but yet 'breezy cold weather!!


Salt to taste
Dash of Chaat masala.


Blend and puree everything together and fill them up in a pop-sickle mold, freeze.

Thaw them a little and enjoy:) Yes, I liked it:)


Raspberry Pop Sickle:

The Ellagic acid present in Raspberry helps to stall cancer-cell growth! These berries are also packed with vitamin C and are high in fiber, which prevents high cholesterol and heart disease. I like the part of its minute seeds! I never filter my raspberry juice. They help the vitamins to stay longer in the food track and eventually promotes maximum absorption!! Moreover these seeds act as roughage to the tummy! So good for constipation! Besides berries are packed with anti-oxidants....helps to reduce cell-aging!


Raspberry fresh/frozen 1 cup
Mint leaves - 1 fistful
Lemon juice - from 1 fruit
Lemon zest from 1 fruit
Sugar syrup - 1/4 cup
Short glass 2-4(if u don't have one, use ice cube tray)
Wooden sticks 2-4.


In a blender, bring all the ingredients to gather(first 5 ingredients) blend them to thick puree.

Now pop it on tray....freeze! Pour into the short glasses, freeze! Hey...stick a wooden stick before freezing it!

Yeah....well done, flip out and serve!