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Mexican Rice

Spanish Rice:

Endorphins - Endorphins are another interesting neurotransmitters found in brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for 'intense pleasure', 'excitement' & 'Ecstasy'. So....when it is in peek production, we wouldn't feel even pain! Doesn't that sound interesting. I am proud to say I am kind of addicted to this neurotransmitter. Yeah regular exercise produces this in the brain. As I told y'll earlier I am driven by more epinephrine and endorphins than drugs/alcohol! Anyways...this neurotransmitters get released after a rigorous exercise or power walking! Dudes if you're not exercising, please consider about it....

PEA(Phenylethylamine) is the precursor of this endorphin. Besides exercise, food that are rich in Carbohydrate and Sugars will give sudden rise in this neurotransmitters. Yeah...I know you Girls are happy about it. Sugary desserts, Rice, potatoes, ice cream......will produce this neurotransmitter! That is why we are all so happy while having chocolates and ice creams! Once again there is a teeny problem....if we depend upon these sources for triggering our brain chemicals. A sudden flow of glucose in the blood stream will also make the insulin to produce more. So initially we may be happy.....but it will put us depressed, when it falls back. So ultimately we will be unhappy, even below the state that we were before!That's very bad, right! Moreover the diet rich in refined sugars and simple carbs' will slowly lead to obesity! Which is not...I suppose, any ones goal here! So to understand it, a simple trick to your brain chemicals....please follow a complex carbohydrate diet and natural sugar source as your choice. Such as Unpolished rice, Whole corn, honey, jaggery and rarely a dark low sweetened chocolate. Once again, the best way to boost this neurotransmitter is exercise!

If you don't find unpolished rice or fan of wild least switch to parboiled rice, which is enriched in vitamins.(Par boiled rice is something...paddy seeds are boiled along with husk, so that vitamins from the husk gets seeped into the rice. Then they dry it, later husk it). So the rice is bit extra large than the raw rice & also has an yellowish tint, don't worry for the color! Well...rice has wonderful kushboo when it is cooked, I love it. Suit well for this Spanish rice.


Parboiled Rice 1 cup
Garlic 2 cloves minced
Jalapenos 1 deseed and finely chop
Roma tomatoes 2 chopped
Cayenne pepper + Paprika powder(totally optional for an Indian palate)
Butter 4 cubes
Cilantro leaves 1-2 spoons chopped.


Cook rice along with salt. Then spread them in wide them down & nice, well separated.

In a wide skillet, melt butter. Add minced garlic and jalapenos...fry real good for 2 minutes or until aromatic.

Now stir-in crushed tomatoes and add some spices(paprika and cayenne). When it comes to glossy appearance add rice and mix well. Add cilantro leaves too.

Then spread them in display vessel and microwave for 4-6 make it steaming hot and remove some excess moisture.

Serve warm with pico de gallo/ guacamole.

Pico De Gallo

Pico De Gallo:

One of the easiest Mexican relish! Much like Indian Salad finish!


White onion 1 large chopped
Jalapenos de seed & finely chop
Roma tomatoes 2-3 chopped
Lime juice from 1 fruit
Cilantro leaves few chopped


Toss all the items together and serve to go with your mexican menu/Indian salads!


Salsa Verde:(Mexican Style)


Tomatillos 6
Onion 1 small
Green peppers/jalapenos 3
Cucumber 1 small
Lime juice 1 spoon
Cilantro leaves few.


Chop 50% of tomatillos and cucumbers and set aside.

Blend all the remaining ingredients and 50% of cucumber and toamtillo togather in a food processor.

Now mix them togather.

Serve chilled with tortilla chips as an evenning snack.

Mango Salsa - Reminds Me Of Summer:)

Mango Salsa:(Mexican Style)

Mangoes are treated for depression in folk remedy! I can't say I am depressed now! Its just another lousy rainy day here! Felt looked into my pantry and came up with this idea! Salsa....tangy mangoes can go well into it! What else can make a rainy day perfect...more than a bag of chips and Mango Salsa:)


Mango ripe and firm 1-2 (diced)
Tomato 1 large(de seed, and diced)
Green peppers 1-2 (de seed and diced)
Red Peppers 1-2 (de seed and diced)
Purple Onion 1 small bulb - diced (I skipped it)
Capsicum/Bell peppers 1 diced
Cilantro leaves few
Lemon juice few spoons


Mix all the above mentioned ingredients together, gently.

Allow this to sit in the refrigerator for couple of hours.

Serve chilled as dip for corn chips.


Hot Mexican Salsa

Hot Mexican Salsa:


Tomatoes 4 large diced(if needed cored - seeds removed)
Green Chilies 3 (if you dont like it hot - cored - seeds removed)
Lime 1 - juice (lime is raw lemon - green in color)
Cilandro/ Coriander leaves few chopped
Garlic 5 cloves pelled and chopped
Purple onion 1 small diced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil few spoons.


In a blender add all the above said ingredients and make it into thick further adding any water.

This hot salsa can be served along with 'Tortilla chips' or 'Mexican Corn Chips'.


Walnut Cookies: (Mexican wedding cookies)


Walnuts chopped 1 cup
All purpose flour 2 cups
Powdered sugar 1 cup
Butter 1 stick
Eggs 3 well beaten
Powdered sugar 1 cup for dusting.


In a large bowl add all purpose flour, pinch of salt, baking soda and powdered sugar. Mix them well.

To this add butter and mix thoroughly. Followed by walnuts and egg. Make a soft dough.

Make equal parts out of it. Shape them to your desired shape(like half moon, ring......or what ever)

Spray oil on a tray or one can even smear butter. Now place this cookies on the tray, leaving enough gap between each cookie.

Pre-heat oven over 375 o

Now set the oven timings for 20 minutes.

Once the cookies are done. Dust them with powdered sugar.....while they are still warm.

This cookies are wedding cookies serves in Spanish weddings. Its tastier and moreover easy to make.