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Peshawari Naan - Nuts Stuffed Indian Flat Bread

Peshawar Naan:(Pakistan Style)

Peshawar Nan. Lucknowi Naan. Naan Bread. Nuts-Saffron Naan Bread. Almon Naan. Pishtachios Naan.

Another exciting restaurant delicacy, I am going to rave about is - Peshawar Naan. I have been practically missing Delhi and Hyderabad (the cities of Nawaabs) speciality food here:( The cuisine of nawaabs will be always elaborate, tantalizing and rich.

I could never forget those days of sneaking out of my hostel, for whole-chicken tandoori(several times at Delhi & Hyderabad). At one point, I told my Dad, that we girls are taking a rented car to Sikanderabad, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra on a study tour. Dad's exact expression was "Come on, give me a break, you are studying Science and what up with all this 'sudden curiosity over Anthropology anyway". I was simply passionate and gave hard time to my parents. Guess my destination was pre-disposed! No wonder, now I am completely metamorphosized from Biotechnologist to Anthropogist. Comeon, now don't tease me asking 'is it all because of food?'.


All purpose flour
Sugar 1 spoon
Yeast 1 spoon
Ghi/clarified butter
Nuts - Almonds, Pistachios, Cashew nuts 1 cup.


Sift the flour, bring them in a wide tray.

Heat 1 cup of water, maybe luke warm will do. Add sugar, salt and yeast to this. Leave it on the counter top for 10-20 minutes. Once the water gets frothy...add this to the flour and knead gently. Cover with wet cloth and leave the set-up for 7-8 hours.

Meanwhile, toast the nuts and grate them, I pounded them manually. Set aside.

You will see the dough has doubled in its volume. Now punch and divide them into equal parts. About ping-pong ball size will do.

Now roll them up, fill the grated nuts, fold them again and knead very gently this time. Repeat the same for all the remaining stuff.

Now place them in a well-greased tray, preheat your oven. Approximately 350 F, will do...bake them for 20-30 minutes.

Serve warm along with spicy mughalai curries. Enjoy.:)


Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan:

Nothing much to say, when I was in India...relished this a big time, at the restaurants! Miss the fun here, but why to give up on 'naan' though! Hmmm, fixed it at home...pretty much home adopted version, absolutely no grilling! Just baked and broiled howz that sounds to you?!!


All purpose flour 2 cups
Warm water 1 cup
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Salt as per taste
Baking soda 1 pinch
Active Yeast 1-2 teaspoons
Ghee to knead
Garlic minced 2 teaspoons to garnish!


In a large bowl, bring warm water, add sugar and salt to it. Dissolve completely.

Now add the yeast to it. And allow this to stand for 10-20 minutes.

Once this is frothy, add flour and baking soda, knead through. Finally finish with ghee. Set aside for atleast 7 hours, over the counter is fine. Remember...they rise to 3 let the bowl have enough room, already!

Now, divide them into equal parts...each about a ping pong ball size! Make a water-drop shaped thick naan now.

Greese your baking sheet, place the naan bread. Bake them for atleast 12 minutes over 350 degrees.

Then, sprinkle some garlic on the top and broil them for quick 1 minute, placing them in the middle rack.


Baked Naan:


All purpose flour/maida flour 1 cup
Sugar 1 spoon
Milk few spoons
Yeast 2 spoons
Warm water to knead
Ghee 2 spoons
Dry working flour little.


In a wide bowl. Add warm water, salt, sugar, ghee, milk and yeast to it. Let this come to frothy stage.

Now add flour to this little by little and make a soft dough. Cover with wet cloth on the top.

Let thsi sit over for 7 hours. Or till th edough comes to 3 fold.

Now make equal parts out of it. Knead gently and grill or bake them till its done.

Serve with rich gravy.