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Oats Dosa / Oats Dosai / Oats Adai - Put On Your Health Caps:)

Oats Dosa:

I always wanted to get rid of that damn box(oats)from my pantry! Whenever the mood for strict Die-t' comes and surfaces in my mind' I go wild...just buy all these sort of unknown products...and never-ever touch them in life time:(

Nothing surprising here today, never been fan a of oats! I agree, we need to take care of our health, esp' the blood cholesterol now and then or else, its sky rocketing with today's temptations!!!

Anyhow, I even tricked my breakfast oats with fruits, nuts, honey, you name it...nothing worked:( Coming to know that people actually include it in their favorite food'(come on how could you) more final try...whoops, the recipe turned out wickedly good:) I can't call this diet dosa' and make that puppy face anymore! Darn delicious to be a die-t one:)


I just mixed 1 cup of oats with that of regular dosa batter and carried on making dosa' the usual way:):)