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Plagiarism - Updated

I have been deeply affected by the Plagiarism activity that has been going on my site for the past few years.

Plagiarist Site:

My back ground work, revealing the link between ( and )the two sites is not an appropriate statement.

This was neither meant to be innuendo nor it was hinted at any individual. However would like to apologize if anyone's feelings were hurt in the process.



Stay with me during this hard time

Dear friends and readers,

I have seen enough plagiarism in my blog life! Generally it would be a food picture or some recipe content that would have been cropped or duplicated. But this is different, totally mind blowing, un ethical...he has done without conscience. Every 3 months once...either my fellow blogger or myself are affected. This has become so common like 'flu' these days. From the top reputed websites to budding new amateurs...steal our hard work.

But this is not like any other blog plagiarism...its totally devastating! This particular blog has stole my entire BLOG. Thats right, my entire four and half years hard work! Believe it or not, entire blog has been copied and published there. Yes, along with my copyright inscriptions,on the top...what to say! Hmmm, in spite of all those 'no right click option'! I am blogging since 2005...he has reproduced my whole content since 2005.

I am broke...its really frustrating! I have no clue how to react! There is no access to her 'about me' section...nor an access to 'flag' this blog. Please help me. I have also complained to google! Friends I need your support and advise. Anything that helps to retrieve my good work, is greatly appreciated.

Plagiarist's Blog

I am into Legal Action

It has come to my attention that one' have made an unauthorized use of my copyrighted work from this blogpost of mine Since, 2005. I have reserved all rights in the work, which was first published in 2005 on (my blogspot's old adress, before I switched to .com)
And it appears on the blog, is essentially identical to the work and clearly used the work as its basis.

One neither asked for nor received permission to use the work as the basis for her work nor to make or distribute copies of it. Therefore, I believe one' have willfully infringed my rights under 17 USC Section 101, et seq. and could be liable for statutory damages.

I demand that one' immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from my work, and all copies of it, and that you desist from this or any other infringement of my rights in the future.

In addition one' have to apoligize for infringing my copyrighted photographs, for the damages I incurred for the time period these pages have been displayed without permission.

If I have not received an affirmative response from you within two days, indicating that you have fully complied with these requirements, I shall consider taking the full legal remedies available to rectify this situation.

I Thank you all for the support, advise and standing up against this problem.


I am on short Vacation & Plagiarism Once Again

Sorry for disappearing without prior notice...

I am on short vacation to India, will be back soon gals! Y'll keep rocking in the kitchen!! Miss blogging so much!!!

Thanks for your lovely enquiries.

An anonymous friend said, my work has been copied, pictures cropped and duplicated in one of the blog...aaah heck with it, will come back and look into it! Thanks a lot for your concern. I am kind of used to this these days.

See this above link here, my picture has been copied! Pirandai thuvaiyal picture...belongs to me!


Plagiarism - Support my Fellow Blogger

Swapna from has copied and duplicated my friend Usha Nandini's picture,

Swapna has portrayed the picture, to appear has hers! Very talented to copyright the stolen picture! Aaah, what to say, wish she uses the same energy in cooking for herself or doing something productive than stealing!

I know all my blogger friends and readers...will identify and appreciate only the original work! Since all we guys stood up together, when I got plagiarised...I confidently promised Usha to support her, during this time.

Please, leave comforting message to Usha and also politely ask Swapna to remove the picture. Hope we can do this!!

To compare the picture, please take a look here:

The Cropped:

The Original:

The worst part is...she has even sent this recipe plus picture to two events! Wish even the host site understands this and removes the picture, at the earliest!