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Iddiyappam / String Hoppers / Sandhagai / Sevai

Iddiyappam:(Kerela Style)

Idiyappam. Sevai. Semiya. Sandhagai. Coimbatore Special Sandhagai. Sri Lanka String Hoppers. Ceylon Hoppers.


Mill Ground Fresh Rice Flour - 1 cup
Salt as per taste
Warm water
Ghee few spoons.
Traditional 'Iddiyappam-Pressing Mold'
Steam Cooker - with Iddiyappam plates/Idly plates.


Steam the raw rice flour for about 10 minutes.

In an large bowl, bring this warm rice flour. Sprinkle little salt and mix well.

Add warm water little by little. Make a smooth dough. One can run few spoons of ghee as finishing touch.

Now also greese your 'iddiyappam mold' with ghee. Scoop little dough and place them in the mold....while they are still warm.

On the other hand, grease the iddiyappam plates too. Now in circles press the mold's handle to release fine 'iddiyappams' on the plate.
-12 minutes.

To check whether it is done, touch them with wet fingers, if it is not sticky...its perfect.

Serve warm along with spicy mutton or chicken korma. Or with chettinad gravys. Or with regular stew and coconut milk. Iddiyappam with Paaya is very famous in Chennai/Madras.

Its very light and easy on the combination makes it grand and rich. So select your side dish accordingly.