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Special Gifts - I am on Cloud Nine!

Well, it isn't just another bunch of awards to be shared! This is a special token of love and hearty appreciation from my friend Sangeetha. Yet another fellow food blogger turned buddy beyond the web world:)Thank you sweet heart:) She said, these awards are exclusively to Kitchen Tantra dot com for my sincerity, hard work and passion:)

You know what? I never won anything in my life to be proud about!! So, whenever there is love in the air, it feels right! A way for me to connect with world and great people:)

Actually, I am kind of trying to be content and satisfied with little things that I do in my life! However, can't deny the fact that it is overwhelmingly blissful to receive a honest feed back, sometimes! In that way, I truly respect and enjoy this award shower to the core:) Certainly, it means a lot to me:) Yes, I am on cloud nine:)

Let me take this opportunity to thank blogging world! And million dollars thanks to Sangeetha. Am going to cherish this lovely moment forever:)

These flowers from my garden goes to Sangee:)
Orange flowers symbolize kindness and gracious acceptance:)

And yellow flowers symbolize gratitude:)


Heart Felt Thanks to my Readers & Friends

Thanks A Million Tons:

I am very thankful to all my fellow food blogger and non-blogger friends. During the time like this (when my stuff got plagiarized)we all stood up together. I hope it resolves now smoothly. The has contacted me through email...saying that...they have notified their member! Wish she removes my food pictures at the earliest!

My heart felt Thanks to all my readers, blogger and non-blogger friends.....who gave me moral support and strength during the whole situation. Though it was so painful to see my stuff got stolen and used somewhere else....on the other hand, I was kind of moved and felt very close to my blogger friends. I am happy that I have gained good hearts. All my sweet friends did a great job....leaving comforting comments to me, warning comments to the lady, writing articles about safe blogging, alerting everyone with tips and pointers....popularising and educating all about Plagiarism.

I learned few things through this....thanks to lady, anyway....

1.Safe blogging in future!

2.Never give up!

I know food blogger friends can understand it in a better much effort we put into posting one single recipe! Its passionate task than our time and effort, I guess. Well.....back to blogging, with same energy and zeal. Thanks Y'll once again.