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Navadhanya Dosa - An Insight Into Nine-Planets!

Nine Planets (Navgrahas / Navagragangal):

Sun (Surya/Suriyan) -Wheat (Geghu/Gothuma)
Moon (Chandra/Chandhiran) -Paddy(Chawal /Arisi)
Mars (Mangal /Chevvai) -Lentils (Toor/Thuvar dal)
Mercury (Budh/Bhudhan) -Green gram (Hara Moong/ Pachai Payaru)
Jupitor (Guru/Brihaspati) -Garbanzos (Chana/Kondai Kadalai)
Venus (Sukra/Sukiran) -Val Beans (White Rajma/Avari)
Saturn (Shani/Sani) -Black Sesame (Ellu/Til)

Two Satellite planets (Ubha Gragangal):

Rahu -Black gram (Ulundu/Urad)
Kethu -Horse gram (Kollu/ Uluva)

The very idea of seeing the planets position, stars, and other celestial bodies as living entities is a rich source of knowledge with myth entangled to it! It has been observed cross-culturally around the world with numerous citations. Almost every known old civilization has its own story to tell.

According to Prasna Marga (Astrological treatise) all the planets: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn; the Sun and the Moon; Rahu (Ascending lunar node) and Ketu (Descending lunar node) are all cosmic powers. Astrologists claim that zodiac sign influence the minds and life style of human beings.

Many believe that performing navagraha pujas and conducting homas (yakhna) will please the gods. It brings an instant gratification and an emotional well-being state. As most of the rituals are still centered around brotherhood, charity, sentiments, sharing and enjoyment. Should it be the way of life?! Well, I never fail to acknowledge the wisdom at unusual places!

In Hinduism, nine different cereals are used to worship each deity. Whereas, I used my culinary ability to bring this into one dish:)

Navadhaniya Adai:


The Nine Cereals that I mentioned above, each about a fistful.
Salt to taste
Dry red chilies 3-5
Ginger 2" grated
Peppercorns 1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon
Curr leaves few
Sesame oil few spoons for making dosas.


Soak all the above mentioned cereals overnight. Wet-grind the same along with spices mentioned above. Add just enough salt and water.

Heat up the griddle and make thin crepes or thick pancakes, as you please. Cook both the sides, drizzle with few spoons of oil.

Serve warm with chutneys.


Karuppu Ulundhu Vadai / Kala Urid Dhal Vada

Whole Black Lentils Fritters:

Other Names: Black Gram Fritters, Kala Urid Dhal Vada. Muzhu Ulundhu/Karuppu Ulundhu Vadai. Mina Pappu Garelu.


Whole Black Lentils 1 cup
Raw rice 2-4 teaspoons
Ginger 2" grated
Green chilies 3 finely chopped
Curry leaves few
Peppercorns 1 spoon - crushed
Cumin seeds 1 spoon - pounded gently
Asafoetida 1 pinch
Oil for shallow frying.


Soak lentils and rice together for 20 minutes or so. And wet-grind the same to thick paste.

Further add all the above mentioned ingredients to it, except oil. Mix well.

Heat oil in a wok, make fritters with the batter and fry them till golden color and crisp.

Serve warm as a tea time snack, enjoy:)


Black Gram Laddu / Urid Dal Laadu / Karuppu Ulundhu Urundai - Just Like That:)

Urad Dal Laddu:

Curbing that 4 O' Clock sugar rush is a big thing to me! When I stock my pantry with only picky healthy ingredients...gosh, I am saved! I won't be carried away to make any unhealthy choice like pastries-cookies-chocolates! Good, to keep a track of what I put on the shelves, I started post-it notes, clues and cheat cards to keep me away from anything 'Sugary'!!!

Its needless to say' that whole lentils/ whole grains are packed with extra-vitamins and good fiber. Well, for this recipe' I chose, Black Gram and traded white refined sugar with that of brown one'...kool huh! Very simple to whip in minutes...we can make it' just like that:)


Black Lentils/ Karuppu Ulundhu 1 cup
Brown sugar 1/2 cup
Cardamom pods 3
Milk 2 teaspoons
Ghee/oil few teaspoons
That's all:)


Dry toast the lentils and cardamom pods. Powder the same coarsely.

Now, mix all the remaining ingredients to it. Bring them into a dough. Divide equal parts and shape them into tiny laddus.

One can cover and place them in fridge for perfect solid laddus. However I end up eating immediately:)